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7 Big Brands That Use SMS Marketing

Jun 10, 2020

With innovative startups emerging daily, brands need to stay on the cutting edge of marketing to maintain and grow their customer base.

SMS marketing can help companies build customer trust and retention by sharing exclusive offers and important company updates.

Unlike email, SMS marketing ensures quick deliverability, higher open and conversion rates and platform flexibility. 

Most importantly, text messaging gives you a direct line of communication with your most loyal base — those who have invited you to communicate through a highly personal channel. 

How Do Big Brands Use SMS Marketing?

The success of big brands using SMS marketing has shown it’s one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach customers. 

In this article, we focus on the following 7 large brands that use SMS marketing and text message alerts to grow their organizations.

  • Facebook
  • CNN
  • Express
  • IKEA
  • Reebok
  • Petco
  • Tommy Hilfiger

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Brands that use SMS marketing


Yes, that’s right — even social media giants can’t do without SMS marketing. 

Facebook’s emphasis on helping small businesses create clever digital marketing strategies via SMS and Facebook Messenger highlight the importance of SMS. 

Integrating social media campaigns with bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to connect with customers where they spend the most time. 

Facebook also uses text messages to improve the security of customer profiles. 

To protect your account, you can activate two-factor authentication via SMS. When you sign in from a new device, Facebook texts you a verification code to confirm your identity. 


As a major media conglomerate, CNN uses text message alerts to communicate with its target audience. 

If you want to receive text messages from CNN, you can text “ALERTS” to the organization’s designated shortcode. 

By opting into alerts, CNN will keep you updated on breaking news and other world events so you don’t have to actively seek this information. 

Unsubscribing is also easy. Simply reply “STOP” to one of the messages sent to your phone number to no longer receive text messages. 


The prominent American fashion retailer uses SMS marketing to notify customers about exclusive offers, orders and updates. Some of their text messaging programs include:

  • Texting a keyword to the company’s shortcode opts in customers to receive the latest mobile offers from Express. It includes up to 12 messages per month. 
  • Texting “HELP” to its shortcode connects you with customer support from Express.

The shortcodes may differ across branches and countries, which allows the retailer to tailor messages based on location. 


This Swedish furniture brand uses SMS and loyalty programs to grow sales. 

The IKEA Family Program is the company’s loyalty program that incorporates SMS for in-store campaigns, sweepstakes and real-time feedback, which has doubled response rates.

IKEA notifies customers about exclusive offers, new products and updates specific to their store. Because most consumers won’t follow company updates on the internet, text messaging ensures they’re aware of new products and promotions to increase sales. 

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Reebok also keeps its customers updated on promotions, special offers and sales through bulk SMS marketing. 

The brand uses keywords and shortcodes to let customers subscribe to various SMS marketing programs. Once customers opt in, Reebok promotes other marketing programs for the latest deals, updates and offers. 

The shortcode is also used for text message campaigns for Reebok’s associated brands, including Reebok Outlets, Rockport Outlets, Ashworth Outlets and the NHL Store. 


Companies that provide in-store services like pet grooming can also improve the customer experience with SMS marketing. 

For example, Petco uses SMS to communicate dog grooming updates to clientele as well as one-time offers. 

Customers can stay informed of their pet’s appointment status without having to reach out. Easing the pet grooming process gives customers a reason to choose Petco over other competitors.

Tommy Hilfiger

Premium American clothing company Tommy Hilfiger uses its program Tommy Texts to alert customers of new products and promotions. 

Customers can text a keyword to the company’s shortcode to opt in, and receive a confirmation text message with the full program details. By responding “Yes,” customers provide express written consent to formally opt into the program.

The company commits to sending subscribers no more than 10 text messages per month.

Note: Mobile carriers may charge your customers a small fee for receiving text messages. It’s important to inform your customers about these potential charges.  

Considering SMS marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to promote your brand, it’s no surprise some of the largest retailers rely heavily on this channel. 

But SMS marketing isn’t reserved for big-name brands alone. Whether you’re a small business or an established company, texting your audience is a cost-effective way to grow. 

Keep your customers updated on your special offers, provide them with quick customer support and simply remind them of your business with the help of bulk SMS marketing. 

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