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Determining the Best Time to Send Your Mass Text

Sep 30, 2017

Mass texting is a pretty direct advertising method; it immediately enables you to get in touch with your target audience. However, because it’s so personal, it can be challenging to put together a good text with a high response rate. Naturally, your priority is to increase your database and collect as many contacts as you can – but, this won’t be possible if your users keep on unsubscribing.

Everything is about the right timing. In order to reach out to your audience and get the response you want, it will be necessary for you to send your offer at the right hour and the right day. You’ll need to keep the following pointers in mind in order to maximize the success of your mobile marketing.

Not Too Late and Not Too Early

The right way to annoy your audience is to text them in an inappropriate time. Waking someone up with a text at two in the morning on a work day will earn you a definite unsubscribe. Not only that, but your users will also develop an aversion towards your brand and that’s something you definitely don’t want.

You’ll get a similar response if you activate your messaging services too early. No one is really ready to soak in new information before their first coffee. Therefore, every text you send should be somewhere between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon – depending on its contents.


Steer Clear of Rush Hour

If you want your texts to be completely ignored, rush hour is the right time to send them. During this time most people are driving and trying to clear their heads after work hours, so any kind of notification at that time won’t be acknowledged.


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Have Time Zones in Mind

If your messaging services go beyond the borders of your city or your country, you need to have different time zones in mind. Although this one is pretty obvious, it’s easy to neglect. So, you should pay attention and coordinate texts with different locations.


24h Notice

If you're sending a text with the purpose of reminding a certain customer of the time of their appointment, the right moment to do so is 24h before that event. Anything before and after this won’t be as effective.


B-Days and Holidays

Every target audience appreciates personalized texts and attention. However, sending a plain message that contains just “Marry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday” won’t do much for your business. Although it is a token of attention, make sure to use your text messaging service for business – which is its primary purpose. So, other than your standard “congrats” and “best wishes”, make sure to include some useful information about your discounts or special offers.


Shipping Tracking

Users like to keep track of their shipping. You should use this to your advantage and send relevant information about the precise location of an item. Naturally, you should also mention how their shipment could have arrived faster with another shipping option.                        .


Hit the Moment

If you’re in the food business and your target audience mostly consist of business people, the right time to remind them of your specials, and to offer them coupons and discounts, would be an hour and a half before lunch time. At this point, most people are thinking about what they would like to eat and the chances are they are making plans with their colleagues, so you’ll hit just the right moment.

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Mind the Upcoming Events

If you’re using your messaging services for the purpose of notifying your users about upcoming events, like a celebration or a big sale, you should make a timetable. If the event is of big importance to your company, you can send the first text up to a month ahead of time.

The following one should be two weeks before the big date, the third one should go a week before, and you can send the next one three days after. Of course, a 24h notice and a text on the big day are mandatory.


Select the Right Day

Now comes the question of the right work day – so what is the difference between Monday and Friday in the world of mobile marketing? Well, no one likes Mondays, so you should scratch them off your list.

Interestingly enough, Tuesdays have the highest response rate, and especially so between three and four in the afternoon. This is in regard to your weekly notifications. However, if you own a big store with lines and lines of products, you should aim for weekly shoppers. Most of them make their purchases on Weekends, so texting them on Fridays is the right way to go.

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