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See What Trustpilot Reviews Tell about Textedly

Mar 28, 2019

Any brand or business that wants to reach success and gain brand recognition, should have its customers’ needs and expectations as a priority. If your brand provides high-quality products or services to its customers and makes sure they have the best experience, it is already an indication that you are on your way to reaching high brand awareness.

However, brand awareness doesn’t just come to you, it takes time and implementation of right marketing strategies to let your audience know that your products would be the best choice for them. When you have a certain audience of satisfied customers who leave feedback about your brand, you start building trust. The more positive feedback you get from your customers, the higher the probability that more people will come to you.

In our era, where pretty much everything can be acquired online, people pay a lot of attention to the reviews left by others who have used your products or services. That’s how they decide whether to buy from you or not - even a few negative reviews can result in the loss of potential customers.

Being an SMS marketing company, Textedly cares about its clients and customers and does its best to build trust among them. Customer reviews are highly important for the company as they help it become better, evolve and know the needs of the clients more thoroughly. They prove that the SMS marketing services of Textedly are of the highest quality and highly effective. Over the years of its existence, Textedly has managed to gain a good reputation among its customers and acquired its solid place in the market. The customer reviews found on different platforms are the obvious proof of this. One such platform is Trustpilot where Textedly is in a high position due to the huge amount of positive reviews from its customers.  

Trustpilot is a transparent platform where you can find honest and genuine customer reviews with star marks. As the company’s CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann notes: “Trustpilot stars signify that a company has nothing to hide, loves its customers and shares our mission to create ever-improving experiences for everyone.” Textedly respects and appreciates this policy because caring for the customers and being transparent are some of its main principles as well.

In the reviews of Trustpilot, one can find out a lot about the quality of the services of Textedly. There are 5 main brand aspects of Textedly which we will single out based on the customer reviews of Trustpilot:


Textedly Team

Every great business needs a dedicated and fully committed team to reach success and build trust and brand recognition. The team members of Textedly work hard every day to provide high-quality services to the customers and to ensure the further smooth performance of these services. The key to the success of Textedly staff is the high professionalism, productive teamwork and love of each employee for what they do.

This is why some of the customer reviews at Trustpilot refer to Textedly team and the way the staff members treat and care about the clients, the high responsiveness and helpfulness.

  • Customer Service representative was very friendly and professional. Called to check to see if we had any questions and that was really nice to speak to a live person.

  • Excellent Team, keep up your job.

Product Service

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers with the highest open rate (98% of all text messages are read in a matter of three minutes), speed, affordability and flexibility. With Textedly your SMS marketing will be taken to the next level opening a new stage of platform flexibility, control and performance which will not be found anywhere else. Regardless of the field of your business, bulk SMS marketing provided to you by Textedly team will boost your brand recognition and help you increase your sales and audience. A variety of businesses, organizations and institutions are successfully using the services of Textedly, such as:

  • Retailers

  • Schools

  • Restaurants

  • Professionals

  • Real Estate

  • Enterprises

  • Non-Profit Organizations

Textedly platform is easy-to-use and highly flexible with a comprehensive interface. The services are very affordable and the process of setting up is utterly simple. There is no need to download any software. Also, a free 14-day trial is provided letting you see the high quality of the product and the informativeness of the dashboard. Textedly is the best way for bulk SMS and MMS mobile text messaging and reaching from 10 to 100.000 customers in a matter of seconds. The company’s stable and flexible platform, the reasonable pricing and comprehensive interface have not once been praised by Textedly customers on Trustpilot:

  • This is a great tool for my business. I can build a new customer base in just minutes and it helps me get out new information to my pre-existing customers. Textedly makes it so easy and simple to use. The features they have are great and the price for this tool is affordable.

  • Easy to use and a great way to keep in touch with customers in a non-intrusive way. They can elect to stop receiving messages at any time, so it puts them in control. All three of our restaurants have benefitted from using Textedly. It's great for promoting food and drink specials and letting customers know about special events.

Customer Service

Though we already touched upon this above, it’s worth mentioning this separately from teamwork as well. Textedly’s customer support team is available 24/7 and willing to provide all the required information to its clients. Regardless of your issue, the customer service team is always there to help you solve your issues and answer all your questions instantly.

  • Very User-Friendly and AMAZING Customer Service! Textedly was super simple to set up and very user-friendly! I'm new to using an SMS platform for marketing and have researched a ton of options, many of which required a costly fee or developer to set things up. So finding how EASY Texedly was to use, was a huge WIN!
    Second, but even more amazing, is their customer service. No matter the time or issue I was dealing with, they quickly responded, gave me direct lines to contact them, answered all my questions, and provided complimentary text messages.
    Truly great service and company!


Textedly dashboard is also very easy-to-use, simple and can be modified according to the needs and sales incentives of your business. It’s also greatly effective for collecting relevant information. One can find positive customer reviews regarding the dashboard of Textedly on Trustpilot as well:

  • A great dashboard that is easy to manoeuvre around, monthly fee reasonable, prompt support, and easy to send a quick text blast. Very satisfied!

  • The service is great. The information that you're able to collect from the dashboard is really helpful. Overall, it's been such a good experience that I'm recommending Textedly to all of my clients.

Company Position & Reputation

Textedly, as compared to its competitors in the field of SMS marketing services, provides the most effective solutions for business growth and brand recognition helping your business not only retain its current client base but also increase it by building trust and reputation. The company is in a leading position in its field the proof of which are the positive customer reviews and the vast number of loyal clients.

SMS marketing is the fastest way to keep your customers up-to-date on your products and services by advertising, promoting, announcing and engaging with them through their mobile phones. Why is this more effective than, say, e-mail marketing? - The answer is simple: people rarely leave the houses without their phones and they constantly check to see if there is anything new. This is why text messages have such a high open rate, while emails come with a very low open rate.

  • I switched from another company, the pricing was perfect, it's so easy to use and I get a great response from my listeners.

  • Cheaper than the alternative. Works great. Easy to get the word out to my consumers. Not much else needed.

As it becomes obvious from the reviews, the customers have preferred Textedly over other alternatives due to the beneficial features that the company offers. If you are still in two minds as to what company you should outsource your text messaging campaigns, don’t think twice - contact Textedly team right away and enjoy the high-standard service and the great results that will come with it.

Try out Textedly’s free 14-day trial to understand the way the company’s SMS marketing services work and how they will help your business growth, brand awareness and client retention. Your business’ success is just a few clicks away!

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