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14 SMS Customer Service Templates You Can Use Today

Mar 8, 2021

Using SMS to improve your customer service is a smart move. Not only do SMS templates save time, but they also help improve customer engagement and convey helpful information at just the right time. 

If you think you’re annoying your customers by texting them, think again. Studies show that 70% of consumers believe SMS messages are an excellent way for businesses to reach them, and 84% have received SMS messages from a company before.

Creating customer service templates helps your company create a uniform, on-brand experience for all of your customer interactions. Plus, you can customize text message templates to provide personalized messages with just a few clicks.

Check out more ready-to-use SMS business templates.

14 SMS Templates for Customer Service

Here are 14 customer service templates your business can start using today. 

1. Introduction Messages

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression! Introductory messages let customers know that you “see” them and that you’re there if they need you.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name}! 

I’m {Your Name} from {Company Name}. Thanks for reaching out. Is there anything I can help you with today?

2. Payment Reminders

Payment reminders aren’t just a service feature that helps customers avoid late payments and fees. Assisting customers to pay on time helps your bottom line too.

Hi {First Name}, 

Just a quick reminder that your payment of {Payment Amount} is due on {Date}. If you need any help making your payment, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

3. Emergency Alerts

Alerting customers to unplanned events or emergencies is a beneficial way to use SMS text message templates. Emergency alerts are crucial if you must communicate with a large number of people at once. Here are some common use cases for emergency alerts:

  • Safety Facilitators: Alert safety personnel about hazardous conditions they should avoid.
  • School & Colleges Administrators: Inform parents and students about sudden closures, cancellations, emergency drills or extreme weather conditions.
  • Utility Companies: Notify customers of planned (or unplanned) service interruptions.

To the resident at {Address},

Please be advised that there will be a planned power outage in your area between {Time} and {Time} on {Date}. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at {Phone Number}.

{Utility Company Name}

4. Coupons

Save a tree -- send an electronic coupon instead! Enticing customers with coupons, discounts and specials build customer loyalty -- and sales.

Hi {First Name},

We miss you here at {Restaurant Name}! Come in and get 25% off your next visit. Reply YES to save. Expires {Date}.

Real-World Example: Jersey Mike’s Subs

When a Jersey Mike’s Subs location sends out a Textedly message blast to their local customers, sales of sub sandwiches increase by 50%! 

5. Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders can be lifesavers in our busy lives. Customers appreciate it when you reach out to let them know they have an appointment with you, especially if you also give them a chance to reschedule via text.

Hi {First Name},

This is a courtesy reminder about your upcoming appointment at {Business Name}. You're scheduled to come in at {Time} on {Date}.

Can’t make it? Please text us back if you need to reschedule or cancel.

6. Order Confirmations

Have you ever placed an order online but weren’t sure if it went through? Wouldn’t it be great to get a quick text confirming your order? With SMS business templates, you can design a text message notification that puts customers’ minds at ease.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

We just received {Order Number} for {Item Name}}, one of our best sellers. Your order should arrive by . Thank you for your business! 

{Company Name}

7. Pickup Notifications

Pickup notifications have come in handy for socially-distanced order fulfillment. Let customers know the details of how and when they can receive their order.

Hi {First Name},

Your order of {Item Name} has arrived! Please pull your car to the rear of our store located at {Address} and we’d be happy to provide you with touchless pickup. Our operating hours are {Time} to {Time}, {Day of the Week} through {Day of the Week}.

8. Shipping Confirmations

The two words everyone longs to see: “Arriving today!” Let your customers know that their order shipped and will be on their doorstep soon. Do one step better than Amazon by using your customer’s name in your text: 

Hi {First Name},

Your order of {Item} is arriving today. For more information, visit {Link}.

Thank you for your business!

9. Customer Check-Ins

Has your company been working with a customer extensively, perhaps to prepare for an important event? Reaching out to ensure that you’re meeting their needs goes a long way in creating customer loyalty.

Hi {First Name}, 

It’s {Name} from Joel’s Catering. Did your menu tasting go well today? If there’s anything I can do before your {Event Name}, please let me know!  

10. Subscription Notifications

Quickly confirm a new subscription by verifying a customer’s participation via text.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

Thank you for signing up for our monthly SMS newsletter. You’ll be receiving  2 Msgs/Month. Reply HELP for help. STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates may apply.

11. Refunds

Notify your customers that you’ve processed their refund. This reduces the strain of customer service phone calls and emails and keeps customers informed.

Hi {First Name} {Last Name},

We have received your return for {Order Number}, and have refunded {Amount} to your account. Please allow {Number} days for the refund to appear on your statement. Thank you!

12. Membership Renewals

Do you have a membership-based business? Let members know that their membership is due to expire to avoid service interruptions.

Hi {First Name},

This is a courtesy text to let you know your {Type} membership will expire on {Date}. Respond with YES if you would like to auto-renew.

13. Subscription Cancellations

On the flip side of renewals, cancellations happen. Reaching out before they go leaves a positive lasting impression that may result in future business.

Hi {First Name}, 

We’ve canceled your subscription to {Service/Product}. We’d love to have you back as a customer. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to earn your business in the future.

{Company Name}

14. Chat Follow-ups

Do you have chat functionality on your company’s website? Following up with customers after a chat session gives your business another touchpoint to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Hi {First Name}, 

Thank you for chatting with me today. Did I answer all your questions? Please feel free to reach out if you need more info! 

{Agent Name}

SMS Customer Service Template DOs and DON'Ts

Before you dive in, remember these pro tips to create successful customer service text messages. 

DO Use Dynamic Fields

Personalization is more than just using your customer’s name. You can use order quantities, birthdays and more to create a unique text message template. 

Dynamic fields are placeholders that allow you to insert specific information into your messages, creating a personalized experience. Dynamic fields are defined by double curly brackets . Examples of dynamic fields include:  

{First Name} {Last Name}

{Company Name}

{Appointment Date} {Appointment Time} {Appointment Location}

{Order Number}

DON’T Use Old Data

Make sure your customer data is current. There’s no use sending a tune-up reminder for a car the customer no longer owns.

DO Let Customers Opt Out Easily

Adding “Text STOP to end” to your text template is a quick and easy way to let customers unsubscribe or opt-out of your SMS messages.

DON’T Get Too Personal

There’s a difference between making a customer feel seen vs. scrutinized. Use the “Goldilocks Method” of personalization -- not too little, not too much, just enough.

DO Use Descriptive Template Names

If your template library is extensive, make sure you name your templates so that users can quickly identify them. “Customer Service Template 1” isn’t as useful as “Membership Renewal Template” for easy retrieval and usage.

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