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Jul 25, 2017

Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign Examples for Newbie SMS Marketers

Are you a newbie marketer looking to turn up trumps in your first campaign? Don’t you yet know how exactly to build your marketing strategy to get the best results? Well, you are not alone. All marketers out there, no matter how experienced they are, want to stand out from others doing a great campaign and creating a buzz that will be heard in the deafening noise of promotional clutter.

But with the growing number of advanced marketing channels which promise an exponential growth in sales within the shortest time frame and at the lowest possible cost, marketers often find it challenging to pick the right tool to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Giving preference to “high-tech” and more complex marketing channels, companies often think of mobile marketing as a cake not worth the candle. But being one of the simplest and most flexible means of communication, short text messages, as well as multimedia messages can provide exceptional benefits for any business, helping to drive sales, strengthen customer relationships and deliver serious ROI. In addition, choosing the right messaging platform will allow you to measure the performance and ROI of your messaging campaign anytime you want - a privilege you can hardly have with other marketing channels.

Just think a minute; most of us use short SMS messages on a daily basis to keep in touch with people who are important to us. Why not engage with your audience via mobile marketing and show them the human side of your business?

Here are 3 case studies of world-renowned companies which have successfully used mobile marketing to drive customer interaction and brand loyalty. They will help you gain insight into a new dimension of Customer Relationship Management and kick off your own mobile marketing campaign with flying colors.

#1 Dunkin’ Donuts

Let’s discuss a compelling success story from the sweetest company - Dunkin’ Donuts. Everybody likes the mouthwatering doughnuts and snacks of this brand. Founded back in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts has undoubtedly become a leader in the field of baked goods and all-day coffee establishing more than 12.000 restaurants in 45 countries. The secret behind the longevity of the brand is not only the fast and friendly service it provides to its customers but also the ability to adapt to the pace of the ever-changing marketing industry.

Here is how Dunkin’ Donuts used SMS marketing to increase the flow of customers to its stores. Looking to introduce its new 99 cent hot lattes in the Boston area, Dunkin’ Donuts first defined the target group for its marketing campaign – university students and other young adults residing in the area. Then the company sent 7500 SMS coupons to relevant contacts from its subscribers’ list. Each Thursday Boston radio DJs invited people to participate in the campaign by texting to a special short code. The campaign was further promoted by internet ads. Icing on the cake, Dunkin’ Donuts employees were trained to help customers redeem their coupons.

As a result, the company had a 21% increase in store traffic. 17% of customers participating in the campaign forwarded the message to at least one friend. And further research showed that 35% of people who had taken part in the campaign said they would like to buy lattes from Dunkin’ Donuts again.

This extraordinary success of Dunkin’ Donuts shows how properly targeting your campaign and engaging several marketing channels can deliver extraordinary results.




#2 Orange

Back in 2003, the mobile operator Orange launched a simple SMS campaign which would later become one of the longest-running marketing campaigns in the UK and earn itself the legendary name “Orange Wednesdays”.

In order to attract and retain customers to its network Orange started sending its subscribers text messages with two-for-one cinema vouchers. People had to text “film” to the short code 241 to get two cinema tickets for the price of one at the cinema of their choice. The vouchers were valid only on Wednesdays. You wonder why? Because Wednesday was the worst day for cinemas in terms of attendance.

Until 2015 when the campaign came to an end, around 23.5 million tickets were issued, immensely increasing the number of Orange customers, saving people money and helping them beat that mid-weak slump. Orange also helped the cinema industry by generating around 3 million additional cinema trips per year, with Wednesday becoming the busiest day outside the weekend at the movie theatres.

With the increasing use of advanced mobile phones, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) has become an important part of mobile marketing. Offering a few more valuable perks than its older sibling SMS, multimedia messages have become a shorter route leading to customer delight. Just take a minute to think. What’s more appealing to you? A plain SMS message or a text spiced up with engaging and interactive audiovisual effects? Well, savvy marketers would vote for the second.

In fact, many world-known companies have long been combining SMS and MMS marketing campaigns to get the best ROI.



#3 BMW

Here is how BMW – one of the top selling luxury car brands in the world used MMS messages to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction. The company wanted to encourage its customers who had purchased a car in Munich between March and September 2006 to buy winter tires. BMW had got the customers’ information and subscription for its messages back at the time of purchase. So the company sent a personalized MMS message with winter evoking design to each of its 1200 target customers, reminding them that winter tires are more of necessity rather than luxury during the snowy winters of Munich. The message sent to the customers included a personalised customer greeting, the picture of the model of the purchased car, the picture and price of the recommended tire, the list of BMW dealerships in the area, as well as links to contact the nearest dealership. The BMW marketing team had predicted that some customers would need more help to pick the right tire for their vehicle so they had also developed a tire application to provide more information to people. A link to download the application was also included in the message.

BMW didn’t have to wait long to enjoy the amazing results of this complex and well-planned campaign. 30.31% of people who had received the message purchased a winter tire from a BMW dealership. The campaign cost BMW around $60.000 and boosted the company’s revenue by more than $180.000.



So, here we are. Now you know how a well-planned mobile marketing campaign can help any company achieve incredible results. Set your own goals, be as creative as you can and watch your sales grow at a brisk pace.