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Nov 30, 2019

The Best Time to Send Marketing SMS from A to Z



Why Text Timing is Important


SMS marketing is a relatively low cost tool that provides the best open rate among all other marketing tools. But for the SMS marketing campaign to be effective and generate high ROI for your business, many factors should be taken into consideration. These factors include: the content and type of your messages, the contacting frequency, and the offer. Assume everything in your SMS marketing campaign is well-planned and designed. It looks perfect. But there’s another factor that will either make or break your SMS campaign. Timing. You can send a text with an amazing offer at 2 am, sure. But this will most definitely not get you the conversion you are looking for. Smart SMS marketing campaign timing is essential for success. There are times of the day when your target audience is active and more likely to be receptive, and there are times when sending a text would be irrelevant. This is why it’s crucial to get the timing factor of your SMS marketing campaign right. Do it well, and you will get the most out your campaign. Do it wrong, and you won’t see result and might even risk losing customers.


Determine What Type of Text Message You’re Sending


The timing of your marketing text messages highly depends on what kind of message you’re sending. For instance, if you’re sending appointment reminders, it’s best to send a text 24 hours in advance, with all the appointment details included. If you’re sending a text about discount offers for lunch, do that mid-morning. By doing so you will target those customers who are already thinking about lunch. A text message will give them a little push to pick you and won’t seem as a needy advertisement. If you’re sending bulk SMS about a special weekend promotion, send a text mid-week. If you send the text too early in the week, it will heighten interest too early, and your target audience will forget about it before the weekend even arrives. If you send it too late, they won’t be prepared. Give them just enough room to plan in advance, but still remember about and be interested in your offer.


Be Mindful of Your Customers Time Zones and Schedules


A very important aspect to take into consideration is your target audience’s schedule. Be respectful towards your audience and their personal time. With all the benefits that SMS marketing has to offer, one of the easiest ways to upset and lose customers subscribed to your SMS list is sending a text at the wrong time. Too early in the morning or late at night is definitely not the best time to send marketing text messages about a great lunch deal. Don’t disturb your potential clients at times when they wouldn’t want to receive a call. An SMS is a similar alert, so don’t bother your subscribers at such times, unless you’re trying to annoy them.


Consider Various Days Throughout the Week for Sending a Text


Besides the timing during the day, you might want to consider different timing for different SMS during the week as well.

First thing’s first: no one likes Mondays. This is the day when all the incomplete tasks from last week have piled up. Everyone is likely to be super busy and grumpy. Unless your text message is related to a specific date, which just so happens to fall on a Monday, don’t text customers on Mondays. Due to too much content everyone reaches via different channels, Mondays show the lowest response rates to targeted text messages.

If you’re sending a text about hot weekend deals, Tuesdays and Wednesdays work best. This gives your target audience just enough time to learn about them and become interested, be prepared, but not enough time to forget. With the same principle, if you have an event happening mid-week, sending a text on Saturday would work like a charm. It’s a non-working day, and people are more likely to have a look at what you’re offering than they would during the week.


Test and Monitor Different Times to Send a Text


Since you get the chance to monitor progress and analyse the data concerning conversion rates of your SMS marketing campaign, take full advantage of it. Always test and monitor various texting times during the day. Start with small groups and change the timing. After all, while we can give you an idea of what times work best for certain purposes generally, we can’t provide you with a full proof choice tailored for your business purposes. 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. So, make sure to properly track the performance of your SMS at different times. This is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your SMS and to give you some useful data for your future SMS campaigns.


SMS Timing Breakdown 


  • The Most Common Times for Sending a Marketing Text

Generally, the most widely used “recipe” for sending bulk SMS for most companies is as follows.
  •  Between 9 am and 12 pm on weekdays. People tend to check their emails, go through their notifications and read messages around this time, before the working day really kicks in.
  • Between 5 pm and 9 pm on weekdays. By this time potential customers are mostly done with the hectic work day and have the time to go through the messages again. Early evenings are a common time to send a text, giving your target audience to learn and make a decision about what you’re offering.
  • Between 10 am and 12 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Many companies send bulk SMS at this time on weekends before their target audience gets busy with gets busy with weekend plans, but not too early, as people tend to take some time to lie in on weekends.
  • Between 4 pm and 7 pm on Sundays. This is quite commonly the final time in the week to send a text message to the target audience. By this time most people are finished with their weekend activities, and are ready to relax, got through their messages and make plans for the coming week.


  • Special Times in The Year to Send SMS 

Besides the above-mentioned, there is another special opportunity you should use to level-up your SMS marketing campaign. Holiday seasons! These are the times for special offers, deals and discounts, which means that your customers might be not only expecting, but subconsciously wanting to receive notifications from you. So, make the most out of it!

Black Friday

With turnover worth billions of dollars, Black Friday is the biggest shopping event during the year. This is the event everyone is looking forward to for catching amazing deals. Send Black Friday texts to your customers teasing your upcoming deals a couple of weeks in advance, to give them time to prepare, and follow up on your messages closer to the big day, so that they don’t forget.

Christmas period

After an early launch with Black Friday, Christmas shopping season is another great time to take advantage of SMS marketing. This is the time those who didn’t manage to buy Christmas presents during Black Friday hit the shops and the web to find good deals. Just like during Black Friday sales are at every corner. To stand out among your competition, make sure to send well-timed SMS to your customers to inform them about your offers and give them an initiative to make purchases from you.

Valentine’s day 

The day of overpriced chocolate and flowers. This is the time when people start looking for the perfect gift for their partners. Drop some nice gift ideas with an SMS to your target customers. They will surely appreciate your input. 


This is a big one. A simple text message congratulating your customers on their birthday will give the much appreciated touch of personalization in your SMS marketing campaign. Keep it short and sweet, and offer them something special as a finishing touch in your text message. This will help to create a bond with your customers, which is likely to make them more loyal and stick with you for longer, increasing customer lifetime value as a result.


The key takeaway here is to plan and test your bulk SMS timing in advance to find the best time to send marketing text messages to your customers specifically. Remember to avoid rush hours and sending a text too early or too late. Respect your customer’s time and give them enough time to prepare for what you’re offering. Timing is key in a successful SMS marketing campaign, so use it wisely. And don’t forget to take advantage of those special times of the year and plan your texts strategically.

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