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Complete Guide to Text Message Marketing for Gyms (+ Templates)

Apr 18, 2022

Communication and customer service have always played significant roles in how gyms and fitness centers grow their membership. Today, however, another factor has come into play: the convenience of texting. 

In addition to saving your business time and money, text message marketing for gyms provides a simple, direct way for you to connect with gym members and keep them in the loop. 

Today, we’ll go over the benefits of text marketing for gyms and share ten SMS templates that will breathe life back into your business.

Why Use Text Message Marketing for Gyms?

It works: Text message marketing leads to incredible results for businesses of any size and industry. Text messages are opened 98% of the time, and 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes.

It’s convenient: With SMS marketing, you can announce time-sensitive information to your members, like rescheduled or canceled classes and share special offers and fitness advice directly with potential and existing members. You can even use your business texting platform to communicate with your staff and keep them in the loop about schedule changes and updates.

It’s cost-effective: SMS marketing is also much more cost-effective than other marketing channels, like print media and other traditional advertising methods. Typically, you pay for the number of messages you want to send every month, allowing you to quickly scale your text message marketing strategy as your business grows.

How To Get Started

Before diving into our free templates, let’s review some key components of getting your SMS marketing plan up and running:

  • Decide on a budget
  • Collect contact information from potential customers
  • Choose the right text message platform
  • Nail your timing
  • Don’t forget a CTA

Decide On a Budget

Like any other marketing channel, SMS marketing will require funds to launch it successfully. 

A viable budget for SMS marketing should be between 7 to 10% of your monthly turnover.

Determine & Track Your Expenses 

Your expenses are a critical part of your budget. Understanding the ebbs and flows of your industry will help you plan your marketing strategy. 

For example, the first three to four months of the year tend to be busy, fuelled by New Year’s resolutions. However, 80% of all new gym members quit within the first five months. Summer months will generally be slow for gyms, as are November and December. 

Collect Potential Client Contacts

Once you set up your strategy, you need to get in touch with your clients. Encourage both your new and existing fitness members to opt in to receive offers and updates via SMS. 

Remember to point out that they can unsubscribe from your texts at any time.

Find The Right Text Messaging Platform

A text messaging platform sends SMS text messages to large groups of recipients simultaneously. The platform you opt for should allow you to actualize your SMS marketing strategy. 

Ease of Use

The platform should allow you to select the intended group of contacts from your list and send hassle-free bulk texts.

Peerless Support

A good messaging platform should give you access to technical support when you need it.


Besides the native text message service, does the platform support features such as mass group texting, scheduling texts, built-in link shrinking or two-factor authentication, among others?

Timing is Key

Successful SMS marketing is all about balance. For example, texting too frequently will get you many opt-outs, whereas sending too few risks losing out on conversions. So strike a balance between when to send text messages and when to give subscribers a breather for the best results.

when to send business text messages infographic

Use Strong CTAs

Call to action elements (CTAs) can be used to create conversions in creative ways. For example, including a link to your web page provides customers with a useful source for finding more information while keeping texts short. 

Ready to dive in? Here are ten SMS templates to use for your gym or fitness business.

10 Gym SMS Templates to Build Your Business

Not sure what to write for your first message? Here’s a list of ten gym message templates to help you get started.

1. Opt-In Texts

The first step to text marketing for gyms is to build your subscriber list. Today, many consumers opt-in to receive text messages from a business, usually by sending a text keyword to a short code, a 5- to 6-digit number that is easier for people to remember.

Opt-in text messaging ensures that you have obtained express written consent to send messages to your subscribers. This protects your business from the legal risks of spam text messaging and leads to higher open and engagement rates.

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Gym Name]! To complete your subscription, reply with CONFIRM.

2. New Customer Welcome

Once people have signed up to receive text messages from your business, don't forget to welcome them! Schedule an automated text once a customer has confirmed their subscription and include important information to keep them engaged, like a link to a class schedule or a special offer.

Hi [First Name], welcome to [Gym Name]! Check out some of our classes this week to hit the ground running: [Link]

Hi [First Name], we’re glad to have you at [Gym Name]! Need a gym buddy? Give a friend a free one-week pass: [Link]

3. Class Schedule Changes

While last-minute changes to the class schedule can be frustrating, unpredictable events like cancellations and equipment maintenance do happen. Your members will appreciate it if you notify them in advance if classes have been rescheduled or if your gym is temporarily closed.

Hi [First Name]! We’re undergoing some equipment maintenance at [Gym Name], so we’ll be closed all day on Tuesday, 6/15. Check the revised class schedule on our website: [Link]

Hi [First Name], Sunrise Yoga on Monday, 6/21 with [Instructor Name] at [Gym Name] has been moved from 5:30 am to 6 am. Save a spot in class now: [Link]. Hope to see you there!

4. Changes to Operating Hours

If your gym is planning on extensive maintenance or renovations, don’t forget to prepare your members with mass texting! Schedule text blasts leading up to the change in your operating hours so members aren’t caught by surprise.

Hi [First Name], we’re upgrading the group fitness rooms at [Gym Name]! Starting on [Day], [Date], our hours of operation will be [Time] Monday through Thursday, and [Time] Friday through Sunday while we renovate. See the updated class schedule on our website: [Link]

Hi [First Name], we just got a new set of treadmills at [Gym Name], so we’re opening an hour later every day next week while we install our new equipment. Check out our temporary hours of operation on our website: [Link]

5. Billing Reminders

With text marketing for gyms, you can easily schedule billing reminders to inform members about upcoming payments so they don’t forget. By using SMS messages to remind members about their membership fees, you can reduce the chances of delayed payments and focus on other customer service offerings.

Hi [First Name], it’s [Employee Name] from [Gym Name]! Just wanted to remind you of your upcoming payment for [Amount Due] on [Date]. Set up automatic payments on our website: [Link]

6. Clothing & Supplement Specials 

To build a stronger relationship with your members, consider offering special deals on fitness clothing and supplements that they might otherwise buy online. You can also use special offers as an incentive for members to sign up to receive texts from your business.

Hi [First Name], looking to try some supplements to boost your workouts? Use code SAVE15 for 15% off any supplements at [Gym Name], online or in our boutique: [Link]

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Gym Name]! As a token of our appreciation, use code NEW10 to save 10% on all athletic clothing, online or at your [Gym Name] location: [Link]

7. Motivational Messages

Sending motivational texts is a great way to encourage members to keep coming back, especially if they’re new to going to the gym. You can also share information about group fitness classes or personal training packages to inspire your members to continue their fitness journey.

Hi [First Name], congrats on one month at [Gym Name]! We’re glad to be part of your fitness journey. Check out our latest class offerings to mix up your workouts: [Link]

8. Diet/Exercise Tips

Grow your SMS marketing list by offering subscribers weekly diet and exercise tips. Sharing valuable content is a simple and effective way to position your business as a reliable source of information about health and fitness.

Hi [First Name], did you know that only doing crunches won't eliminate belly fat? The best way to get abs is to reduce your overall body fat with cardio and strength training. Check out our personal training program to build a custom workout routine for your fitness goals: [Link]

Hi [First Name], what do you eat to get the most out of your workouts? Try eating simple carbs and some protein before hitting the gym to ensure you have enough energy. See a list of sample pre-workout meals on our website: [Link]

9. Membership Renewals

By segmenting your SMS marketing list, you can schedule automatic gym membership renewal reminders to your members based on when they signed up for a membership plan. Contact members close to their renewal date so they don’t forget to pay any necessary fees.

Hi [First Name], your first anniversary at [Gym Name] is coming up! Renew your annual membership online today: [Link]

Hi [First Name], it’s [Employee Name] from [Gym Name]. Your annual membership will expire on 7/18. Would you like to renew your membership with the card we have on file?

10. Surveys

Collecting feedback from your members is the best way to learn about changing customer needs and desires. Text surveys elicit a response more frequently than phone calls or email. Text survey questions should be short and to the point, giving you quick insights without disrupting your customer's day.

Hi [First Name], now that you’ve spent some time with us at [Gym Name], would you be interested in filling out a quick survey about your experience? [Link]

Hi [First Name], on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your experience with group fitness classes at [Gym Name]?

Use Textedly To Work Out the Kinks in Your Gym Text Message Marketing

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