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What Is VoIP Texting? Business Benefits of Internet Texting

Jun 10, 2022

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SMS texting has become a standard way for businesses to communicate with customers. VoIP texting allows for more personalized content and gives customers a convenient way to receive information. 

Plus, SMS texting is the preferred way to communicate today. Unlike voicemails and emails, 99% of texts get opened, and nearly all Americans use texting as their primary form of communication. VoIP texting enhances these benefits by allowing you to send messages using any WiFi- or internet-enabled device.

This guide will cover the basics of VoIP texting:

VoIP Texting: What Is It? 

VoIP is a phone service that allows you to make calls or send messages from an app on any internet-enabled device, removing the need for a physical phone or number. 

Many people associate VoIP with phone calls, but most VoIP services also allow you to send text messages. VoIP texts won’t look different from standard texts, and you reap the advantage of greater flexibility.

How Does VoIP Texting Work? 

visual representing the steps to get started with voip text messaging

To start with VoIP texting, you’ll need a WiFi- or internet-enabled device such as a cellphone, laptop or desktop computer, and a text-enabled virtual phone number. 

While traditional phone numbers are connected to a specific device, a VoIP number is connected to a user, allowing you to send messages through a cloud-hosted app. In addition, the app will save your messages and contacts, giving you greater security and peace of mind.

VoIP also increases business efficiency, cutting down on time-consuming administrative tasks. It automatically transfers calls, transcribes voicemails and allows your team members to access the app anywhere. 

What You Can Do With VoIP Texting

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Automate Responses

Want to get more done with less work involved? Automated text messages are pre-designed messages sent to customers at a specific date and time. Automated message possibilities are endless, whether you schedule one message or a full-length SMS campaign.

Examples of automated responses include:

  • Appointment reminders: Increase revenue for appointment- or reservation-based businesses by 20%
  • Drip campaigns: Send pre-written messages automatically based on customer actions 
  • Auto-reply texts: Never miss another customer communication – with less human intervention 

Send Text Blasts

Text blasts are an easy way to reach people who are always on their phones. A well-written, engaging text blast can: 

  • Introduce a brand to customers 
  • Showcase a specific product 
  • Get people excited to attend concerts and events

Boost Your Business With Loyalty Marketing Programs

Loyalty programs work wonders for customer retention. Did you know a loyal customer’s lifetime value (LTV) is four times higher than an average customer's? In addition, up to 75% of consumers would actively engage with loyalty programs if the rewards were accessible on mobile. 72% of US adults belong to at least one loyalty program.

Talk or Text With Customers

Why limit how you can communicate with your customers? VoIP SMS texting enables you to talk or text with your customers 24/7/365.

Send Engaging MMS Messages

As with texting, you can also send images and emojis over VoIP, allowing for more fun, engaging communications. This can be a massive benefit for businesses that rely on visuals, such as realtors or service professionals. 

Benefits of VoIP Texting Over Traditional SMS Texting

The benefits of VoIP go far beyond using an app to send texts versus a cellphone. VoIP providers like Textedly offer several helpful features, such as account management tools, auto-responses and MMS texts to enhance your communications. 

With VoIP, you can add your whole team to your account, centralizing communications.

Additional benefits of VoIP SMS over texting include:

  • Cost savings
  • Greater reach
  • Increased efficiency
  • Superior customer service

Cost Savings 

VoIP plans typically cost less than your standard cellphone plan. Add in time-saving automation features, and VoIP texts become a no-brainer.

Greater Reach 

With texting, you’re limited to sending group texts (no one likes those!) or sending one message at a time. With VoIP, you can individually text your entire contact list at once – whether the list contains hundreds or thousands of names. You can also segment your contacts to create targeted communications and campaigns.

Increased Efficiency 

Unlike traditional texting, VoIP apps allow you to bulk-schedule messages and automatically respond. The result is more efficient, effective communications, less human intervention and increased sales.

Superior Customer Service

Many VoIP providers allow you to set up alerts when you haven’t responded to a message within a specific time frame – no more customers falling through the cracks.

Simplify Customer Communications With VoIP Texts

VoIP SMS is one of the best business tools to streamline customer communications and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. 

As a top SMS marketing platform, Textedly makes it easy to introduce VoIP SMS into your organization or build upon an existing program.

Textedly offers over two dozen solutions to meet all your SMS marketing needs, including lead generation, loyalty marketing, event management, payments and more.

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