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21 Ecommerce SMS Templates to Generate More Business Today

Sep 30, 2022

Are you ready to launch an SMS marketing ecommerce strategy? Ecommerce SMS templates create an exceptional user experience by providing a consistent brand voice that builds familiarity and trust with your target audience. 

Your business can use SMS templates for ecommerce to create engaging campaigns that captivate customers while communicating time-sensitive information. They should also be concise and include a clear call-to-action, like a link to your website's landing page.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 SMS templates (in 17 popular categories) to help you elevate your customers’ ecommerce experience. Once you’ve found some templates that align with your marketing goals, we recommend that you customize them to fit your brand’s personality and target audience. 

SMS Templates to Elevate the Customer Experience

types of SMS messages for ecommerce

1. New Customer Welcome

Thank new subscribers with a friendly message and a special discount on their first purchase.

Hi [First_Name], thanks for signing up to receive updates from [Store_Name]! Save 10% on your first order with the code FIRST10: [Store_Link]

2. Order Confirmation Template

Because this is often the first message you send to a customer, we recommend you include your company’s name. Connecting with a customer right after they have made a purchase is an effective way to help them remember your brand and encourage them to make future purchases.

[Store_Name]: Hi [First_Name], thanks for your order! View details and more: [Order_Status]

3. Shipping Confirmation Template

Send this message to inform customers that their shipment is on the way. You can also send messages to update your customers if their shipment is delayed.

Hi [First_Name], your order has just shipped! You can track your order here: [Tracking_Link]

4. Delivery Confirmation Template

Use these delivery message templates to alert your customers that their shipment will be delivered soon. You can also inform your customers of an unsuccessful delivery date and update them on what to do next.

Hi [First_Name], your order from [Store_Name] is out for delivery and will arrive soon!

Hi [First_Name], your order has been delivered. You can view your order here: [Tracking_Link]

Hi [First_Name], it looks like we missed you! Your shipment from [Store_Name] can be picked up from [Post_Office} on [Address] in [City] anytime after 9 a.m.

5. Survey/Customer Satisfaction Template

Gathering feedback is an essential part of improving the customer experience. Many customers don’t remember to leave a review on your website, so a text message survey can make it easy for you to ask your customers for their opinions.

Hi [First_Name], thanks for shopping with [Store_Name]. We value your feedback, and we’d love if you could complete a quick survey about your experience: [Survey_Link]

Hi [First_Name], we hope you’re enjoying your new [Product_Name}. Would you recommend us to your friends?

1 - Definitely!

2 - Yes

3 - Maybe

4 - Not really

5 - No

SMS messages for ecommerce

6. Abandoned Cart Template

Over 70% of online shopping carts around the world are abandoned. Send text reminders within a day of a customer’s visit to your website to ensure they complete their purchase instead of buying from a competitor.

Hi [First_Name], you left some items in your cart! Check out now before these items sell out: [Cart_Link]

Hi [First_Name]! Return to your cart and complete your purchase with 10% off your first order with the code FIRST10: [Cart_Link]

7. Sale Template

Discount codes sent via SMS message have much higher open rates than codes sent via other marketing channels. Sharing discount codes via SMS marketing can also help with subscriber retention since customers won’t want to miss exclusive deals.

Hi [First_Name]! Save 20% on all new arrivals at [Store_Name] with code SUMMER20: [Store_Link]

8. Loyalty Program Template

Make it easy for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program by sending SMS messages to them after purchasing from your store. You can even segment your subscriber lists based on how much customers spend.

Hi [First_Name]! Join our customer loyalty program to earn points and receive exclusive deals at [Store_Name]: {Loyalty_Program_Link]

9. Birthday Template

Ask for your customer’s date of birth when they sign up for your SMS marketing campaign. Special offers and birthday discounts create a personalized experience and make customers feel appreciated.

Happy birthday, [First_Name]! To celebrate, we’re giving you a 25% birthday discount with the code BDAY, valid for one month: [Store_Link]

ways to use SMS for ecommerce

10. Upcoming Event Template

Ensure your customers are aware of seasonal sales by sending them SMS text messages with exclusive discounts to encourage them to shop.

Get ready for the cold weather and shop our winter collection with the code SNOW15 to save 15% for a limited time: [Store_Link]

11. Restocked Items Template

Remind customers what they’re missing by including a photo in your message and linking directly to the item.

Hi [First_Name], good news: The product you wanted is back in stock at [Store_Name]! Get yours now: [Product_Link]

12. Referral Template

Encourage your customers to promote your brand by offering them incentives, like a discount for them and the person who shops with their link.

Hi [First_Name], share this referral link, and you and your friends can save 10% on your next order from [Store_Name]: [Referral_Link]

13. Personalized Messages to Target Groups

Creating personalized messages is an extremely important part of effective SMS marketing. For example, if you’re targeting younger audiences like Gen Z or millennials, adding emojis to your ecommerce SMS templates can help you engage your customers more effectively. Try to limit your emojis to no more than one per sentence, and focus on popular or on-theme emojis for best results.

Hi [First_Name], 

Check out the skincare that’s taking Instagram by storm! 🌩️ 

Our new line just dropped – click here for 20% off: [Store_Name]

how to use SMS for ecommerce

14. Subscription Offers

Encourage customers to buy regularly by incentivizing them with “subscribe and save” opportunities. 

Hi [First_Name], 

Earn 10% off your next purchase by signing up for our Subscribe & Save offer! Check out our website for more details [Store_Link].

15. New Item Notifications

Capture the attention of existing customers by giving them previews of new items in your store. 

Hi [First_Name], 

Since you love [Product_Name], we know you’ll love our new product, [Product_Name] too! Demand is high – head to our store quickly before we sell out [Store_Link].

16. Customer Re-Engagement

With so many distractions in daily life, it’s not uncommon for customers to get out of the habit of visiting your store. Lure them back with friendly reminders.

Hi [First_Name], 

Long time no see! It’s been a while since you placed your last order for [Product]. We’d love to offer you 20% to place a new order! Visit us today at [Store_Link].

17. Holiday Promotions

The holidays are the best time of the year to generate new sales for people in a hurry. 

Hi [First_Name], 

Get ahead of the holiday rush with our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Get 25% off our entire store. Use code [Santa20] at [Store_Link].

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