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Google Review Not Showing Up? Here's Why

Oct 20, 2022

Whether you just closed a sale with a new client or you’re excited to leave feedback for your favorite brand, a Google review not showing up can be frustrating. 

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my Google review not showing up on my favorite brand’s Google Business Page?” This guide is here to help. There are multiple reasons why your review may not have gone live, and we’re going to break them down below before providing some ways you can fix the problem.

I Left a Google Review, But I Can’t See It. What Happened?

Whether your favorite brand humbly requested a review or you simply want to share feedback, discovering that your review didn’t post to their Google profile is frustrating. What could have prevented your review from showing up?

Your Review Was Flagged and Deleted

In most cases, Google reviews are deleted by the platform’s spam filters for policy violations. Generally speaking, these fall into one of five categories:

  • Uncivil discourse
  • Deceptive content
  • Mature or explicit content
  • Regulated, restricted, dangerous or illegal content
  • Low information quality

If your review contained any of the content listed above, it’s possible that:

  • Your review was temporarily live, but another user reported it
  • Google’s automated filter detected inappropriate content and removed the review

The filter also flags (and typically deletes) reviews that contain links—so if you tried to post a link in your review, it was likely never published. If you want to include a photo in your review, Google’s platform gives users the option to upload one without using external linking (a spam prevention measure).

In the future, make sure to review your feedback for policy violations, spammy and repetitive language and links before posting. 

Your Google App or Profile Is Out of Date

Do you spend most of your time away from the internet but occasionally hop online to send an email or leave a review, collaborate on a Google Doc or leave a review for a business?

If your Google review didn’t post, perhaps:

  • Your Google profile is out of date, inactive or incomplete
  • You made a duplicate profile without deleting an old account
  • Your mobile app or desktop browser client needs to be updated to the latest version

So, how can you fix these issues? Let’s start by updating your profile:

Fix #1:  Update Your Google Profile

  • Sign into your Google account
  • Using the navigation bar at the top of the screen, click through the various menus
  • Look for missing or incorrect information, especially in the following:
    • Personal info
    • Data & privacy
    • Security
  • Fill in the blanks where appropriate, and contact Google support if you encounter any difficulties

Fix #2:  Contact Support

We also recommend contacting support if you suspect you accidentally created a duplicate Google account. A customer service rep can help you find existing profiles and merge them into one.

Fix #3:  Update Your App or Browser

There’s also a chance that the issue is with your device. Either your mobile app or your desktop browser may need to be updated to the latest version:

  • For iPhone users:
    • Navigate to the App Store
    • Search for the Google Maps app
    • Check for available updates
  • Android users can do the same in the Google Play Store
  • Update your desktop browser by:
    • Exploring the settings menu
    • Looking for alerts when you open a new tab or window
    • Contacting a representative from Google Chrome, Safari or Edge for additional help

Google Disabled Reviews (Temporarily Or Permanently) for the Business

Businesses can report comments for spam or policy violations but cannot disable reviews on their Google Business Page or delete reviews themselves. These rules help ensure transparency with consumers.

However, Google can temporarily or permanently disable reviews if:

  • The business is experiencing a high volume of negative spam reviews
  • The business relates to public education or is a government agency

For instance, in March of 2022, Google disabled reviews for Russian businesses after the country invaded Ukraine. Google users from around the globe spammed Russian businesses with negative reviews to express dissent, but this violates Google’s information quality policy for reviews.

What to Do

If you suspect that Google has suspended reviews for the business, consider reaching out to the brand to:

  • Alert them that their reviews system is malfunctioning
  • Share your feedback outside of the online review platform

A Customer Left a Review, But I Can’t See It on My Business Profile

As you manage your Google reviews, you might notice that some reviews have been removed or that expected feedback wasn’t posted. They may not be showing up in your Google Business Profile for various reasons, including:

  • Automatic spam filtering for reviews that:
    • Include links or forbidden content
    • Are attempted duplicates of past reviews
    • Originate from duplicate accounts
  • Client technical difficulties, including:
    • Mobile apps or browser platforms that are out of date
    • An inactive, incomplete or duplicate profile
    • A spotty internet connection when they tried to post their review
  • Issues with your Google Business Profile, like:
    • It’s too new, so customers are having difficulty finding it
    • Prolonged inactivity
    • Duplicate profiles
    • Unverified business information, like your address or phone number

Most importantly, you should first make sure that your Google Business Profile is operating as usual—and, if you notice a problem, reach out to support for a potential fix. 

Then, consider adding review guidelines for your clients, likes:

  • Wait at least 48 hours before trying to post another review (to avoid spam flagging)
  • Update their apps, browser clients, and Google profiles
  • Leave reviews while they have a steady, consistent connection to the internet

The first note above is arguably the most important—attempting to leave numerous reviews of the same business multiple times within a short period can trigger Google’s automated spam filter. And that could lead to Google suspending the business’s reviews or your account. 

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