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How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

Oct 20, 2023

In today’s business world, online reviews play a critical role. They sway customer decisions and can significantly impact your reputation and search engine ranking.

Customers are turning to Google reviews more than ever before. In 2020, zero-click searches rose to 65% of all Google inquiries, meaning nearly two-thirds of people looking for your business will only read the Google reviews before exiting the window. 

By the end of this guide, you'll understand why Google business reviews matter and learn practical strategies to acquire them.

6 Benefits of Google Reviews

Customer feedback is invaluable and can significantly impact your business's success. Google reviews, in particular, offer many advantages that can shape how potential customers perceive your business. 

Here are six benefits of Google reviews:

  1. Enhanced reputation and trustworthiness: Positive Google reviews serve as real-life testimonials, building trust and confidence in your business among potential customers.
  2. Improved local SEO ranking: Google considers reviews when determining local search rankings, helping your business stand out and attract more local customers.
  3. Increased click-through rates: Positive reviews lead to higher click-through rates, driving more website visits and potential conversions.
  4. Valuable customer feedback: Negative reviews offer insights for improvement, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction when addressed professionally.
  5. Influencing purchase decisions: Accumulating positive reviews increases the chances of potential customers choosing your business over competitors.
  6. Free advertising: Google reviews act as free advertising, reaching potential customers on a trusted platform at no extra cost.

Get Set Up For Google Reviews

There are a few steps you must take to enable Google reviews online.

  • Claim, optimize and verify your Google Business Profile.
  • Understand Google’s policies.
  • Make sure customers can locate your business on Google Maps.

Claim, Optimize and Verify Your Google Business Profile

Before asking your customers to leave Google reviews, make sure you’ve claimed and optimized your Google Business Profile

Follow these steps to claim your business profile:

    1. Create a Google account for your business—or sign in to an existing one. You must use a business account, not an individual or personal one.
    2. Open Google Maps and type your business address in the search bar.
  • On the left side of the page, click “Add your business.”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your business profile.

After claiming your profile, make sure it’s up to snuff. Search for your competition on Google to see how they leverage their business profiles. Make sure your profile includes:

  • A link to your company website
  • A brief description of your business
  • Your physical address
  • Your hours of operation
  • Your phone number
  • A few photos of your facility or your products

Verify Your Google Business Profile

Once you’ve done all the above, you must confirm ownership of your business on Google. The process varies depending on the type of business and your association with it. You might receive immediate validation if you created the business profile and are logged into your Google My Business account.

However, if you didn't create the profile, Google will send you a verification code. Depending on your account circumstances and industry security requirements, you can receive this code through regular mail, email, or text.

Once you receive and input the code, you'll gain complete control of your business profile on Google. This ownership enables you to manage reviews, update information, enhance details, and optimize for effective local marketing.

Understand Google’s Policies

Keep it simple to ensure you follow Google's Terms of Service when asking for reviews: don't offer rewards or incentives. Instead, ask your customers about their experiences, whether good or bad. 

This approach helps maintain genuine and trustworthy reviews, which ultimately builds a credible online reputation for your business.

How to Get Google Reviews From Customers

So, what’s the easiest way to get Google Reviews? Ask. It’s as simple as that. Asking your customers to leave reviews immediately after purchases increases the likelihood that their feedback is fresh and relevant. 

When you’re ready to ask your customers to leave reviews, make it as simple as possible for them to access the review platform. 

Your first step is to find your custom review link:

  1. Log into your Google Business Profile
  2. Select Customers → Reviews → Get more reviews
  3. Copy and paste the link provided

Once you have the link, examine it closely. Can customers type it into their smartphone or desktop in less than ten seconds? If not, you’ll need to use a link shortener like Bitly.  

You can also simplify the process for your customers by creating a QR code

Where to Ask for Reviews

There are several opportunities to ask customers for reviews, including:

  • In social media posts
  • On your website (on a dedicated Reviews page or in the footer for easy access)
  • In follow-up SMS surveys
  • Asking partners and vendors
  • In a review email campaign
  • In your email signature

Make Templates for Review Requests

Once you’ve created a short link, a QR code or both, it’s time to ask your customers for reviews. Keep your requests short and sweet. Here are some short templates for Google review requests:

How did we do? Please leave us a Google review at [short link]. Thank you for choosing [Company Name]!

Use the QR code below to leave us a Google review—we love to hear from you! Thank you for your business.

[Company Name] thrives on feedback. Please leave us a Google review using the [link/QR code] below. Thank you for choosing [Business Name] for your [industry] needs!

As a local business, [Company Name] depends upon customer feedback. Let us know how we did by leaving a Google review at the [link/QR code] below.


1. Where do Google reviews appear?

Google reviews appear on your Google Business Page and can be seen in Google search results.

2. Is it okay to buy Google reviews?

No. Buying reviews is against Google's policies and can lead to penalties. Authentic reviews are essential.

3. Is it okay to solicit Google reviews?

Yes. You can ask customers to leave reviews, but avoid offering incentives in exchange for positive reviews, as this violates Google's guidelines.

4. Can you get bad reviews removed?

You cannot remove bad reviews, but you can (and should) respond to them professionally. 

PRO TIP: Managing and promptly responding to your reviews – both good and bad – addresses concerns and helps maintain (or improve) your reputation.

  • Dedicate time to responding to reviews regularly. If you’re responding to bad reviews, offer incentives, refunds or other rewards for giving the business another chance. When acknowledging good reviews, keep feedback short, genuine and appreciative.
  • Delete old or spam reviews. While you can’t delete reviews, you can flag reviews for removal by a Google admin. 

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5. How many Google reviews do you need for a higher star rating?

The number of reviews needed varies, but consistent positive reviews can gradually increase your star rating.

PRO TIP: Closely watch your star rating and review quantity. If your star rating begins to dip, ask your most loyal and satisfied customers to leave reviews if they haven’t already. 

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