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How Mass Text Messaging is Important in Retention Marketing Success

Sep 28, 2018

The goal of retention marketing is to concentrate on your current customer base, while increasing the sales rates and sales volume per purchase. It focuses on current customers only, in order to make sure that they stick to you and become repeat customers. Attracting new customers is important, but keeping your existing ones is essential for any business success in the long term. Mass text messaging and SMS promotions are only available to existing customers because they are subscription based. So if used properly, they can become a powerful tool for increasing customer retention rate. Statistically, mass texting has 98% open and read rates which is substantially higher compared to 22% of emails, 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts. Another research shows that mass texting service has also a high engagement rate. The click-through rate (CTR) in messages is 10 times higher compared to emails. So clearly mass texting service can play a big role in retention marketing.

Use Mass Texting to Provide Value to your Existing Customers

Given the high readability rates, first thing to do is to make sure that you use text marketing to provide value and not to annoy your customers. There are several tips to follow to guarantee successful outcomes of mass texting. Always keep in mind that you're sending the message to your customers, so concentrate on their interests and make the messages appealing to them. Forget about the sales rate and focus on value creation. Text about what customers care about. Use your buyer personas to connect to your customers: think about their interests, their hobbies and all other areas of entertainment.

Do Not's of Mass Text Messaging in Customer Retention

There are 3 important do not’s of mass text messaging following which you will avoid losing your current customers. First, always take into consideration the timing of messages. Choosing the best time to send your messages usually depends on the message and the information it carries. Also, make sure you don’t send your messages too early in the morning or late at night, in order not to be ignored or missed. Next, don’t text too often. If you text too much, you will simply become annoying to your customer. They will opt out of receiving messages or simply ignore them, thus missing out one important/valuable message in the wave of hundreds of unimportant ones. And last but not least, your text marketing shouldn’t be always concentrated on selling only. Although the ultimate goal of any business is to make money, it is important to remember that you make money by offering value. So if your messages are always trying to sell only, your customers will start feeling emotionally disconnected from your brand. Avoiding these mistakes in mass texting service will insure successful customer retention.



Increase Customer Loyalty Through Mass Texting

As already mentioned, you need to make your messages interesting to your customers to increase the engagement with your brand. There are specific SMS promotion techniques which can help you to boost the loyalty of the customers. Keep connected to your customers. Use mass text messaging to inform your customers about the upcoming sales. Messages with sales promotions are very effective. Also, don’t forget about providing your customers with sales coupons. SMS coupons are the best sales boosters in practice. If you give your customers the opportunity to shop on special terms from time to time, this will ensure the increase in sales and objectively create more loyal customers.

Use mass texting for information updates. Keep the connection by sending messages like billing reminders or messages to remind your customers about an unfinished purchase. Also, use text marketing to provide a better customer experience. For example, you can send a message for any confirmations, delivery updates and integrate mass text messaging into the whole process of buyer’s journey. And don’t forget to reply to you customers’ messages and collect feedback from them. This is a great bonding process between you and your existing customers.

Why to Focus on Customer Retention

Retaining your current customers is extremely important for the long and successful life of your business, however, companies today are failing because most believe that customer acquisition is more valuable. Although most businesses spend lots of money on retaining new customers, yet customer retention is five times more effective than customer acquisition. Creating loyal relationship with current customers should be the first objective and focus of any business, and mass text messaging is an important part of the process, as it the most effective communication method.

You can use a reliable automation tools to help you save some time with your messaging, but choose carefully as there are plenty of tools out there today. And be consistent with not only your messages, but also your brand voice. Choose a tone and style of mass texting based on your brand image. Being inconsistent with your brand image will be very ineffective way to keep your subscribers. So to be successful in retention marketing, use mass messaging wisely and in accordance with your brand image.