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How to Add Photos to Google Reviews (+ Why to Encourage It)

Jul 11, 2023

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And, for a business, it could be worth thousands of dollars, too.

In today's hyper-connected, digital-first world, where customer reviews are the lifeblood of commerce, accompanying photos can be the deciding factor that tilts the scales in the business’s favor. High-quality photos can shape consumer perceptions, sway purchase decisions and ultimately impact a company’s bottom line. 

Consider your favorite local pizza spot. A radiant review could generate interest, but imagine the visceral impact of a high-res photo of a piping hot and delectably topped pizza. It's no longer just a tale of the taste buds; it's also a visual feast for the eyes—a tempting promise of what awaits the consumer. 

This is the persuasive power of visuals in Google reviews. And today, we’ll show you how to add photos to Google reviews. 

Why Add Photos to Google Reviews? 

A picture can transcend language and culture. It can enhance, clarify and back up the assertions made within a review. Instead of simply taking your word for it, consumers have further evidence they can use to better judge your claims.   

By adding photos to Google reviews, you can: 

  • Boost credibility and impact of the review – If you write “the office building is drab,” or “the dress the brand sent was not the same color as advertised,” words alone may not be enough. By including a relevant picture alongside the review, the visual element can provide a more comprehensive understanding that bolsters your review. It’s tangible proof that you’re telling the truth. 
  • Increasing visibility and engagement – In the digital space, photos drive engagement, especially when it comes to reviews. They tend to draw the eye and encourage clicks, likes and shares. And, when reviews receive more engagement, the business’ visibility is further amplified. Studies have shown that Google reviews with photos rank higher and stay at the top longer than photo-free reviews. 
  • Influencing consumer decisions – Before making a purchase, consumers often turn to reviews for initial guidance. Photos help site visitors visualize the product, service or experience, which, in turn, helps consumers make the most informed decision possible.  
  • Encouraging user-generated content – When customers share photos, they’re not just reviewers any longer; they’re now providing user-generated content that often feels more authentic and trustworthy to customers and which can be repurposed or highlighted by the brand. 
  • Highlighting the product or service – Photos uniquely portray a product or service with a depth and vividness that words often fall short of. For instance, a review might extol a winery's "divine location." However, such a textual description can only hint at the magnificence that a sweeping, panoramic photo of the winery's scenic vistas could convey.
  • Enhancing click-through rates – In a world of 10-second snippets and skim-readers, a compelling photo could be the difference between a click-back or a click-through. High-quality photos are “sticky.” They help stall the continuous scroll by forcing the user to stop and look at the picture.  

How to Add Photos to Google Reviews

Now that you know the high impact a quality photo can have on a post’s performance, you know why it pays to encourage reviewers to leave images with their comments. Make it easier for them to add these high-value contributions by breaking things down into the following step-by-step process. 

Here’s how to add photos to Google reviews: 

Step 1: Log into Your Google Account

To write a review, first sign in to your Google account. Simply navigate to Google 

and click on the 'Sign In' button. 

Don’t have a Google account? Creating one is fast, free and easy. 

Step 2: Find the Business or Location for the Review

Locate the business or location you want to review, either via a normal Google search or through Google Maps.

Type in the name of the business, and voilà! It should appear at the top of the page. 

Step 3: Leave a Review for the Business

Click the 'Write a review' button, select your star rating and explain your thoughts. According to Google, a great review should: 

  • Be informative and insightful
  • Be authentic
  • Be respectful
  • Be written with style
  • Avoid personal and professional information
  • Avoid general commentary unrelated to the business itself 

For more information, read our step-by-step instructions for how to leave a review on Google.

Once you have penned your review, it’s time to add some visual magic.

Step 4: Adding Photos to Your Review

After writing your review, click on the camera icon or the 'Add photos' button. You can choose photos directly from your device or select from your Google Photos. 

how to add photo to google reviews

Step 5: Optimize the Photos 

For photos to have the intended impact, keep the following best practices in mind: 

  • Photos should be relevant and high-quality
  • The subject should be in the center of the photo 
  • Make sure that the lighting is good
  • Be sure to respect copyright and intellectual property rights for photos
  • Avoid posting inappropriate or offensive content
  • Leave constructive and informative captions or descriptions for the photos

Step 6: Preview and Submit Your Review

Before you hit submit, give your review a final glance. Confirm that the photos match your review, are easy to see, and properly framed. Having done that, you can finalize your submission.

Once that’s finished, your review will now be publicly available. 

Adding Photos to Google Reviews 

A photo can breathe life into a Google review that adds a visual punch to any post. Instead of simply writing about how good the product looks or how enjoyable the experience was, add photos that back up your assertions with social proof.  

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