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How to Promote Concerts and Entertainment Using Text Messaging

Sep 27, 2021

If you’re an event promoter, venue manager or handle marketing or publicity for entertainers, you know just how important it is to publicize a live event. As SMS marketing increases in popularity, texting for concert promotions is becoming a simple but powerful tool.

Using SMS text messaging for concerts enables you to reach thousands of people and grow your audience easily. Today we’ll go over why SMS is an effective marketing tool and share eight text message templates to help you start promoting events.

Why Use SMS to Promote Concerts and Entertainment Events?

A whopping 75% of customers want to receive offers via SMS. That means that not only is texting for concert promotions convenient for businesses, but it’s what your guests expect from you. With an SMS marketing platform, you can create cost-effective text marketing campaigns and personalized messages for specific target audiences.

SMS messages are also easy for consumers to forward to their friends and family, enabling word of mouth even with digital marketing. If your message or event is interesting enough, people could send your message to others beyond your subscriber list.

How to Promote Concerts and Entertainment Using Text Message Marketing

Whether you’re notifying concertgoers about an upcoming music festival or recommending similar artists and events, SMS for concerts can transform how you approach direct marketing for event promotion. Here are eight ways you can boost your event marketing efforts with SMS for concerts.

Announce Events

The first step is to inform your audience about an upcoming event. Sending a text blast is ideal for sharing detailed information because recipients can easily refer back to the message when they need to. You can also easily update your customers about event changes and answer any questions using two-way SMS.

Hi [First Name], [Artist Name] just announced new dates at [Venue Name]! Buy tickets online now: [Link]

Hi [First Name], we have many exciting events planned for this month! Check out our calendar: [Link]

Use Keywords to Create Buzz

The best way to launch a successful SMS marketing campaign is to spread the word through every marketing channel imaginable. In addition to promoting the event on the artist’s Instagram or Facebook page, consider using a text keyword that people can use to sign up to receive messages from your brand. Make sure your keyword is easy to remember, like JOIN or CONCERT, so that people can sign up easily.

Using SMS keywords for your marketing campaigns is also a helpful tool for segmenting your subscriber list. If you oversee multiple events, segmentation is a great way to separate your target audiences and send more personalized marketing messages according to their interests.

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Artist Name]! Tour dates are coming soon, so keep an eye out so you don’t miss the chance to get tickets!

Hi [First Name], welcome to [Venue Name]! We’ll keep you posted about upcoming shows when the season starts. See you soon!

Sell Advance Tickets

Using SMS for concerts makes it easier to sell tickets ahead of time. By sharing information about upcoming events with your subscribers, you can promote online ticket sales and offer special incentives.

Hi [First Name], [Artist Name] has a show at [Venue Name] on October 12! Buy tickets now and get a free parking pass: [Link]

Hi [First Name], you asked and we listened: new dates for [Artist Name] have been added! Get your tickets now: [Link]

Send Event Reminders

Texting for concert promotions takes just a few taps to set up automated event reminders for your subscribers. Then, once it gets closer to the event, start sharing helpful information like directions, parking advice and digital ticket downloads. Just don’t send too many messages — one or two messages in the week leading up to the event is plenty.

Hi [First Name], are you excited to see [Artist Name] this week? Here’s a map of free and paid parking in the area: [Link] We’ll see you soon!

Hi [First Name], you have tickets to see [Artist Name] this week! Be sure to download your mobile tickets ahead of time: [Link]

Announce Venue Changes or Cancellations

Critical information, like date, time, or location changes, should be communicated to your audience as soon as possible. Using an SMS marketing platform, you can send out mass group text messages with the click of a button.

Hi [First Name], our show with [Artist Name] at [Venue Name] will now start at 8 pm (doors open at 7 pm). See you there!

UPDATE: [Opener Name] will now open for [Artist Name]’s show at [Venue Name] on Nov. 3. Questions? Reply to this message.

Promote Special Offers (Like VIP Access)

Offering VIP treatment to subscribers is a surefire way to grow your SMS marketing list. For example, you can share exclusive previews, interviews and sneak peeks of your event in marketing text messages sent to your subscriber list.

If you don’t have exclusive content to share, consider hosting a special giveaway or subscribers-only deal that they can redeem at the event. By offering exclusive advantages to subscribers before the event, you can start your event with a bang.

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Artist Name]! Here’s a link to download an exclusive live recording of their latest single: [Link]

Hi [First Name], thanks for subscribing to [Venue Name]! We have a special deal for our subscribers, redeemable at your next event: [Link]

Answer Questions

Compared to other marketing channels, text messages open up a direct line of communication between businesses and their customers. For example, if your subscribers have questions about an upcoming event or a special promotion, they can text someone on your team who can help them.

Hi [First Name], thanks for reaching out to [Venue Name]. Do you have a question about parking?

Ask for Feedback

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for collecting feedback from attendees about a recent event. For example, you can ask them to review the order of events, logistics and merchandise sales. Getting their input can help you make future events better.

Hi [First Name], we hope you enjoyed seeing [Artist Name] in concert! On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy was it for you to find parking at [Venue Name]?

Use Textedly to Promote Your Event Today

Leveraging the power of SMS for concerts enables venue managers, promoters and event planners to get the word out about upcoming events. If you want to reach your target audience and more, Textedly can help.

Textedly’s user-friendly SMS marketing platform has many helpful features like text keywords, auto-reply texts and MMS messaging. With two-way texting for concert promotions, you can keep your customers in the loop and quickly answer any questions they might have.

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