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02. 23. 2019

Killer Text Message Ideas and Templates for Beauty Salon Businesses

Text messaging works great for service related businesses, such as beauty salons. Text marketing for salons can be a brilliant marketing tool which will help your beauty salon deliver a high-quality service. There are many ways you can use text messaging for beauty salons to effectively target your audience, boost the engagement and connect with your customers. Most importantly, the greatest advantage of text services is their immediacy. The fact that they are all seen and read by customers makes them even more powerful. There many ways you can use text marketing for your beauty salon, so let’s consider some.

The infographic below shows in more detail how you can implement SMS marketing for a beauty salon. You can weed out the no-show problem in your salon with text messaging, which can be a major issue. Beauty salons can schedule text message reminders and updates a day or two prior to the appointment, letting the customer confirm their arrival. All this with some assistance from automation. Doing this via email or social media is not as effective, because a lot of messages on these platforms can be easily ignored, missed or deleted. Text messages have high open rates, which makes them the most opened and read communication platform. You can also use analytics to understand the appointment histories of the customers and use this information for special promotions. For example, when you know that the person is about to book an appointment, you can drop them a message with a discount coupon code for their next appointment. Carefully explore the infographic below to get insights into using text messaging for beauty salons.


Text message marketing for beauty salon

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