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10. 25. 2018

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The most relevant marketing strategy of the 21st century is mobile marketing. Given how much time people spend on their phones, mobile marketing is the most reliable communication method that ensures that your message will get to your target audience.

There are four types of mobile marketing and each of them should be used for different purposes.

SMS messages

Mass texting services work best for small local businesses. They will increase the engagement and boost the loyalty of your customers.


App based ads are used for applications, as they will direct the user to the page where your target customer can immediately download the app.

Mobile search ads

Mobile search ads can be very powerful, but you need to use them properly. Many companies are investing in search ads, but are not getting the wanted results, simply because they’re not using it decently and purposefully.

Mobile image ads

Mobile image ads are another powerful way to promote your business in form of moving and static images. Your business can use image ads to increase the brand awareness, as visuals are very effective and memorable.

Each of these mobile reach-out services can show great results and boost your company’s sales if used properly.

Mobile marketing some types