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7 Payment Reminder Message Templates

Jun 26, 2023

Failing to pay promptly is not uncommon for customers and vendors. However, prompt payments are essential to maintaining “business as usual.” Without consistent and predictable cash flow, operations cannot run smoothly. And worse, business owners have to sideline strategic future planning when cash is uncertain. 

Whether payments are withheld purposely or accidentally, intermittent cash flow can create financial hiccups, derailing budget planning, delaying essential purchases, and even stifling growth.

Fortunately, SMS reminders can address this mounting issue. These handy automated messages gently prompt customers or vendors, reminding them of their outstanding invoices while encouraging timely payments. 

We’ve curated the following payment reminder text message samples you can use to help ensure that customers make payments on time.

Template 1: Polite Reminder for a Pending Payment

Do you have a payment in the system that’s just a tad late? Or are you in the early period of the due date? If so, a polite reminder should be the first type of text you send. Remember, payment delay could result from an accounting oversight at this stage. Or, the check could already be in the mail.

Here, your goal should be to inform, not accuse. The polite reminder sets a positive, professional tone that should prevent defensiveness on the recipient’s part. 

Hi {Recipient's Name}, just a friendly reminder that your payment of {Amount} was due on {Due Date}. We appreciate your business. Thanks!

Hello {Recipient's Name}, hope you're well. This is a quick note reminding you about your outstanding payment due {Due Date}. Please ignore if you've already paid, and enjoy the rest of your day. {Company Name}

Dear {Recipient's Name}, we noticed a pending payment on your end. We'd appreciate it if you could look into this. As always, thanks for your business.

Template 2: Gentle Reminder with a Deadline Extension

Do you have a long-standing relationship with a customer? Do they have a previously established history of making their payments without issue? 

If so, consider extending some grace via a deadline extension. Offering a deadline extension can demonstrate empathy and flexibility while further nurturing the business relationship. This can help you build up goodwill and may even result in faster payments in the future. 

Hi {Recipient's Name}, we noticed the payment on your account was behind. We understand things can get hectic, so we've extended your payment deadline to {New Due Date}.

{Recipient's Name}, we noticed you might need more time to pay your previous bill. We've pushed your payment date to {New Due Date}. Best regards, {Company Name}

Dear {Recipient's Name}, we noticed you were late on your scheduled payment. We've extended your due date to {New Due Date} to provide extra flexibility. We hope this helps. {Company Name}

Template 3: Reminder with an Incentive or Discount

Would you prefer to receive early payments? As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In other words, you're more likely to receive early payments by offering incentives rather than resorting to strict penalties for late payments.

A discount-based reminder can be an excellent tool for prompting early payment. Offering a slight reduction for payments received within a specific period can entice clients, especially those looking to manage their costs efficiently.

This creates a win-win scenario—the customer saves money, and you secure a payment quicker.  And, what you lose in the discount will likely be repaid through enhanced cash flow and strengthened customer goodwill. 

Dear {Recipient's Name}, we appreciate your business. If you pay your invoice by {Early Payment Date}, you’ll receive a {Discount Amount}% discount.

Good news, {Recipient's Name}! Pay your bill by {Early Payment Date} and enjoy a discount of {Discount Amount}%. Thanks for choosing {Company Name}.

Want to save some money, {Recipient's Name}? Enjoy a {Discount Amount}% discount on your invoice if paid by {Early Payment Date}. Thank you for being a valued customer.

Template 4: Strong Request for Delinquent Accounts

Although you may prefer to keep communications cordial, payments can become seriously overdue if a recipient has ignored previous messages. In these cases, you may need to escalate the situation. 

While you want to avoid being overly aggressive or making threats, you should communicate the gravity of the situation. And in some cases, that may require that you include legal ramifications into the situation. 

Dear {Recipient's Name}, your account with us is seriously overdue. Failure to resolve this situation may require us to take legal action. To avoid this, please make the necessary arrangements for immediate payment. {Company Name}

{Recipient's Name}, we haven't received your payment since {Original Due Date}. If this continues, we may be forced to seek legal solutions. Please attend to this as it is a matter of urgency. {Company Name}

Hello {Recipient's Name}, we need your immediate attention. Your account has been overdue for some time, and legal consequences could follow if it remains unsettled. We urge you to resolve the amount promptly. {Company Name}

Template 5: Information Gathering

Is a usually prompt vendor or customer suddenly late? Do you think there may be external issues preventing a payment?

If so, send out an information-gathering reminder demonstrating your concern for them and opening up a dialogue to address any issues preventing payment. 

Hello {Recipient's Name}, we've noticed a delay in your payment. Is there a particular issue that's causing this? We're here to help. {Company Name}

Dear {Recipient's Name}, it seems there's been a delay in your payment. If you're facing issues that prevent repayment, please let us know. {Company Name}

Hi {Recipient's Name}, we realize your payment has been delayed. If there's an issue causing this, please tell us how we can help you resolve it. {Company Name}

Template 6: Share Company Policies

Sometimes a client or vendor may need a reminder about the agreed-upon terms of service, especially regarding late or partial payments. In such instances, a reminder of the company’s policies could help reinforce payment obligations. 

Dear {Recipient's Name}, as a gentle reminder, according to our policy, payments are due by {Due Date}. {Company Name}

Hi {Recipient's Name}, please be aware that as per our company policy, payments should be settled by {Due Date}. {Company Name}

Hello {Recipient's Name}, per our agreed-upon contract, all outstanding payments should be paid in full by {Due Date}. {Company Name}

Template 7: Payment Confirmations

The final message template you should regularly deploy involves payment confirmations. Confirmations assure customers that payments have been received and are appreciated while also acting as a record for customers' accounting systems.  

Hello {Recipient's Name}, your payment of {Amount} has been received. We appreciate your timely payment. Thanks for choosing {Company Name}.

Good news, {Recipient's Name}! We've received your payment for {Amount}. Thanks for your prompt payment. {Company Name}.

Dear {Recipient's Name}, we're happy to confirm the receipt of your payment. Thank you for your continued cooperation and trust in us. {Company Name}.

Best Practices for Effective Payment Reminder Text Messages

It’s important to remember that the SMS payment reminders above are just templates. These are message samples you can tweak and personalize to apply to both your business and clientele. To that end, keep the following best practices in mind: 

  • Create specific internal branding guidelines for crafting payment reminder text messages.
  • Use personalization and address the recipient by name.
  • Keep the message concise and clear.
  • Include essential details (e.g., payment amount, due date, payment methods).
  • Use a friendly and professional tone to foster a positive response. 
  • Include your company name for easy identification.

Sending Payment Reminder Messages with Textedly

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