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SMS Invoicing: The Best Way to Reach Your Customers

Nov 30, 2023

Think back to the days before digital invoicing, when bills came through the post with other mail. Now, imagine if you were to throw away four-fifths of everything that landed in your mailbox without so much as peeling back the flaps and peeking inside. 

It may sound absurd, but that’s exactly what happens with modern-day emails. Only 20% of messages in users’ inboxes are opened, and if your invoice lands amongst that mass of unopened spam, there’s a strong chance that your payment will unintentionally fall into the void. 

Alternatively, 98% of all Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages are opened, and the average person responds to them in 90 seconds or less. So, if you’re looking for the best way to reach customers about their outstanding bills, consider sending them an SMS invoice detailing their dues.

Why Customization is Key for SMS Invoices

Crafting customized SMS invoices is an indispensable way to remind clients of their debts and your business. Even though less than 3% of text messages are considered spam, generic messaging is more likely to be ignored—and it’s a missed opportunity to add a memorable touch to your invoices.

Thus, to make sure your customers remember your brand and pay their bills, customize your SMS invoices with:

  • Personalization that includes client names, links to payment pages, and other relevant account information
  • Engaging wording that doesn't put clients off or bore them
  • On-brand content, such as mottos or catchphrases
  • Any other specifics relevant to your business or the transaction, such as your physical location, dues dates, or alternative payment methods

Customizing messages can make customers more receptive to their invoices, but it can take more time than resending the same generic SMS to everyone. Rather than typing up a fresh text every time you send out a bill, you can utilize SMS invoice templates to expedite your billing process.

SMS Invoice Template Examples for Different Industries

SMS invoice templates allow you to quickly customize a stock message to meet the needs of your business, customers, and transactions. They should be tailored to your specific industry and organization, but these examples can give you a strong sense of where to start.

  • Consulting:

    Hello [Client’s Name], this is your invoice for [Service from [Company Name]. An amount of [Amount] is due by [Date]. To pay, please go to [Invoice Link]. Thank you for choosing [Company Name].

  • Design:

    Hey there [Client’s Name]! Your [Designed Item/Platform] from [Company Name] is all ready and looking sharp! Please square up your account’s outstanding balance of [Amount] by [Date] by following this [Link]. Thanks so much!

  • Retail:

    Hi [Client’s Name], thanks for shopping with [Store Name]! This is your bill for [Items]. The total is [Amount]. To pay, follow this [Link] or head to a store near you for in-person payment: [Link to List of Physical Locations].

  • Food Delivery:

    Hello [Customer's Name], thank you for ordering from [Restaurant Name]. Your order has been successfully delivered. We've generated an invoice for your order. You can view and download your invoice by clicking on this link: [Invoice Link]. Thank you for choosing [Restaurant Name]!

  • Subscription:

    Dear [Customer's Name], your subscription invoice for [Service/Product Name] has been generated. The total amount due is [Amount]. Please make the payment before [Due Date] using this link: [Invoice Link].

These are but a few examples of different SMS invoices you can draft for your business. Keeping a selection of useful templates on hand makes it easy to customize texts as soon as you're ready to send out an invoice. 

Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices

In the name of consumer protection, government entities—such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—have, in recent years, set laws guiding the legal use of business-to-consumer (B2C) SMS interactions. 

Most of these regulations are covered in two acts:

While these laws generally cover mass marketing via robocall and SMS messaging campaigns, it's still best to understand their contents and ensure your invoices are compliant. 

Of particular concern may be opt-ins, the ability to opt-out, and the option to receive invoices in another format. That said, should your customers give SMS consent when checking out, sending them a copy of their bill after they make a purchase is considered okay.

To ensure customers settle their bills in a timely manner, be sure to include a link to process their credit cards or other payment instructions. Likewise, be sure to always include your business’s name in every B2C SMS to validate legitimacy and give customers somewhere to reach out to with questions. 

Streamline Your Billing Process by Managing SMS Invoices with Textedly

SMS invoices are much more likely to be opened, read, acknowledged and, thus, paid by customers than other billing formats such as email. SMS invoice templates let you quickly adjust stock messages to deliver personalized invoices suited to your customers and industry. So, whether you’re a Fortune 500 Corporation or a fledgling freelancer, keep a few ready to streamline your business’s invoicing needs.

If you want to make SMS invoicing even easier, let Textedly handle everything. Textedly’s Text-to-Pay service can remind your clients of their bills, offer them a way to pay, and even collect their money for you. It also lets you set reminders to resend messages on past-due accounts, process payments in real-time, and receive your funds faster than other collection options.

Text-to-pay is an increasingly accepted payment method across a variety of industries, such as real estate, restaurants, and salons. Get ahead of the curve and in on the action today by partnering with Textedly for all your business’s SMS needs.

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