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10 Ways You Can Leverage HR Text Messages (+ Free Templates)

Nov 22, 2021

Human resources teams play a vital role in managing employee relations, but there are many fine details involved in making that happen. HR text messages are valuable tools that can help HR personnel do their jobs more effectively.

Today, SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the most commonly used communication channels, but the potential of text messaging in the workplace is still largely untapped. It’s important to note that nearly 70% percent of employees think employers should use texting for interoffice communication, and 80% of professionals already use texting for business purposes. 

Here are ten ways your business can use SMS as a human resources tool, from improving productivity to recruiting new staff and more.

1. New Employee Recruitment

Recruiting employees is a challenging task in the competitive business world. Retaining your favorite candidate can come down to how attentive your business is during the recruitment process. HR text messages are a great way to keep in touch and move your candidates through the interview process.

New employee recruitment sample text

Hello [Applicant Name], it was a pleasure speaking with you today. We would like to move forward with a second interview! At your earliest convenience, please use the following link to schedule a time with us [Link].

2. Simplified Onboarding

Human resources team members can simplify the onboarding process and improve the new employee experience with SMS. For example, HR can send reminders about what to bring on their first day and help your new hire get up to speed with a quick text message.

employee onboarding sample HR SMS message

Hi [Employee Name], and welcome to the [Business Name] team! On your first day, please remember to bring a form of ID (like your passport or driver’s license) and a voided check if you would like to participate in direct payroll deposit.

3. Schedule Meetings and Send Meeting Reminders

Internal communications don’t have to be limited to email. Sometimes, the easiest way to reach someone while they are away from their desk or workstation is via SMS. Send texts to schedule meetings, reminders or notifications to ensure employees feel in the loop.

meeting reminder sample HR text message

Reminder: Our All Hands meeting is [Date] at [Time]. Please prepare a brief summary of your plans for the week ahead to share with the team. Thank you.

4. Communicate Deadlines and Company Updates

Your human resources department can only do so much when employees miss deadlines. Give your employees the best chance at success by enabling them to send and receive reminders about company-wide due dates and updates to important policies or standard operating procedures.

company updates sample text

If you would like to participate in Open Enrollment, please submit your insurance selections in the employee portal by [Date]. Thank you.

5. Reach Employees in a Crisis

SMS messaging may be the only way to reach all your employees in a crisis. In the event of an emergency, all phone numbers on file can be set to receive notifications. In addition, SMS messaging helps confirm that the event is not a drill and will help employees begin to evacuate in earnest. 

reach employees in a crisis sample SMS message

ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES: There is a [Situation] in [Location]. Please proceed to the [Evacuation Area Location]. Do not use the elevators at this time and exit the building through staircases only.

6. Ensure Training Compliance

An increasing number of businesses are adding required training for all employees. Whether your business is conducting cultural sensitivity training, procedure and policy training, HIPAA compliance training, or anything else, using SMS is helpful to send those reminders.

ensure training compliance sample HR text message

Hello [Employee Name]. Your HIPAA training module remains incomplete. Please complete the training by [Date] to help us achieve our training completion goal. If you need help navigating the site or if you need more time, please respond with “Help” or “More Time” so we can assist you.

7. Distribute Employee Surveys

Most employee or job satisfaction surveys can take 20 to 30 minutes, but an occasional text allows employees to answer one or two questions quickly and help you gauge whether further discussion is needed. You can also send surveys regarding far simpler questions — like which catering option they prefer for the company party.

employee survey sample text

Please text A, B or C to answer the following question: Which restaurant would you like to see catering our annual holiday party?

[Location A]

[Location B]

[Location C]

8. Create a “Paper” Trail

Not every piece of communication is email-worthy, but sending a message via text is a great way to document conversations and create reliable points of reference. It is easier for employees and HR professionals alike to refer to past discussions and remember shared information.

create a paper trail SMS template

Hello [Employee Name]. I’m sorry you are feeling unwell today. Please take the time to rest and, if you are feeling better, we will see you in the office on [Date]. Thank you.

9. Send Holiday Greetings and Motivational Messages

Boost engagement and spark excitement about your company culture with announcements about your employee of the month, shout-outs about recent accomplishments or success stories, or simply share a thoughtful holiday greeting

motivational message text message template

Following your hard work on the website redesign and launch, [Client Name]’s revenue is almost 80% higher than it was last year! Excellent work team!

10. Send Company Event Information

When it’s time to relax and enjoy a team-building day or highly anticipated company event, an SMS message can help everyone remember where they need to be without digging through a cluttered inbox for event information. 

company event sample SMS template


Reminder: Tomorrow’s holiday party will be held at [Address]. Please arrive in semi-formal attire and prepare for a memorable evening. The event will begin at 4:00 PM and end at 8:00 PM. See you there!

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