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Why You Should Invest in SMS Landing Pages

Mar 15, 2022

If your company uses SMS marketing or is considering launching an SMS marketing campaign, one of the most important things you need to have is a strong and engaging SMS Landing Page. 

A landing page comes up when a customer clicks the link that you send them, in this case, links arrive through a text message (SMS). 

You might wonder why a landing page is even necessary. What will it do for your sales or customer retention? 

The landing page is the first thing that customers see after they click the link, and you have a very limited time to grab their attention and direct them to do what you want them to do — such as perusing your newest products or filling out a customer satisfaction survey. 

Today, we will explain what an SMS landing page is and why a great one will take your mobile marketing to the next level.

What is an SMS Landing Page?

As mentioned above, an SMS landing page is what customers see after clicking the link you sent them. It is a unique web page that cannot be accessed through normal search activity or browsing on your website (meaning you have the freedom to tailor it to your company’s needs). 

For example, if you want to offer your customers a birthday discount, or satisfaction survey, you can customize the webpage they see to perfectly match the message and experience you’d like to create. Meanwhile, you receive valuable market information through the unique URL you’ve created. 

What are the Benefits of an SMS Landing Page?

SMS landing pages offer multiple advantages for your mobile marketing. If you haven’t considered building out unique pages to tie to your SMS strategy, here are a few reasons why you should start.

Promote New Product Arrivals

If you want to promote a new product line or spotlight a seasonal item, using an eye-catching SMS landing page is ideal. You can lead with an attractive photo display of your merchandise and customers can click through your newest products and view complimentary items they might not otherwise know about.

Send Personalized Offers

Everyone loves a gift on their birthday! If a customer provides their birthdate, you could send out a coupon or promotional code that gives them a free treat or a discount on their purchase. 

You can also send out an annual company anniversary deal to celebrate and appreciate your customers. This will build customer loyalty and have them coming back to your website year after year to see what new deals you have to offer.

Create Buzz Around Special Sales

If you want to promote holiday/seasonal sales or move your inventory with clearance sales, you can send a link that directs them to that category page. This is useful because you can steer your customers’ attention to where you want it, rather than just sending them a link to your website where they can easily get distracted by other items.  

Additionally, you can draw attention to “limited time only” sales, which will create a sense of urgency with your customers if they want to buy your products at a discounted price.

Send Surveys and Forms

Landing pages are an excellent tool for sending out surveys and other forms you’d like your customers to complete. When you build a unique page that is tailored to a specific SMS campaign, you’ll create a highly personalized experience that seamlessly connects with the messaging of your text. 

For example, say you want to send a text asking customers to review their recent purchase. Start by building a landing page that clearly lays out the review process and possibly even auto-populates certain fields with information about their purchase. The link to this unique page is that you will send along with your text message.

Not only does this create a friendly user-experience, it nearly guarantees that your customer won’t get frustrated with searching your website for the “leave a review” page or get distracted by other items.

Collect Data

The most important benefit of a landing page is to collect data. When you have a unique URL attached to your SMS campaign, it’s easier to track how many conversions came through as a result of that campaign. You’ll also have the advantage of tracking metrics like your engagement rate, open rate and ROI (Return on Investment). 

Ultimately, because SMS landing pages have unique links, you can see where your efforts are successful and where there is room for improvement.

Give Your SMS Campaigns a Leg Up

Dynamic, eye-catching bulk SMS landing pages are the foundation of a successful mobile marketing campaign. They attract new customers, increase sales and build customer loyalty, all while providing your company with valuable data and feedback. Textedly offers clear-cut, adjustable SMS solutions that are simple to set up, so you can begin messaging customers right away.

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