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How to Win With SMS Marketing for Hotels and Hospitality

Jun 24, 2021

Today, the hospitality industry is expected to go above and beyond for its guests. More than simply booking reservations and fulfilling guest requests, hotels seek ways to provide outstanding customer service while building guest engagement. Mobile messaging for hotels has fulfilled this need -- and then some.

SMS marketing for hotels enables businesses in the hospitality industry to execute an effective marketing strategy centered around guest satisfaction and an efficient customer experience. 

This blog will go over why you should consider mobile messaging for hotels and share 16 SMS templates to jumpstart your SMS marketing campaign.

Why Use SMS Marketing for Hotels and Hospitality?

With hotel SMS, hotel staff can reach existing clients and potential guests where they spend most of their time: on their mobile devices. Over 84 percent of people take their smartphone with them wherever they go, using their mobile devices to book flights, hotel rooms and plan itineraries. 

Although many hotels and other hospitality businesses have custom messaging apps, this type of marketing is costly. In addition, it requires consumers to download another mobile app, which many are reluctant to do. Mobile messaging for the hotel industry can connect you directly with guests on a platform they are already using, avoiding annoying phone calls.

Ready-to-Use Hospitality SMS Templates to Build Customer Loyalty

While mobile messaging for hotels may have first been used as a way for guests to book their own reservations, today’s guest messaging platforms offer guests much more. Below is a list of 16 text message templates you can use to get started on SMS marketing for hotels.

Opt-In Texts

Opt-in text messaging earns consumers’ permission to send them SMS marketing messages and forms the foundation of successful mobile messaging for hotels. Businesses must receive express written consent to meet SMS compliance regulations like the TCPA.

Adhering to opt-in guidelines protects your business from costly fines and legal fees. It also ensures that your SMS marketing list contains genuinely interested customers, resulting in higher open and engagement rates. Many businesses also choose to require subscribers to “double opt-in” to confirm their participation in their SMS marketing list.

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Hotel Name]! Reply YES to confirm your subscription.

Hi [First Name], welcome to the subscriber list for [Hotel Name], where you’ll receive relevant updates and exclusive offers for current and future stays at any location. To confirm your subscription, reply with CONFIRM.

New Customer Welcome

Make new guests feel welcome by setting up automated text messages. Remind them about their upcoming reservations, share information about local restaurants and activities, and keep them in the loop about events at your hotel.

Hi [First Name], thanks for booking your reservation at [Hotel Name]! Visit our website for a list of local restaurants so you can start planning for your trip: [Link]

Hi [First Name], we’re looking forward to your stay at [Hotel Name]! Not sure what to do while you’re here? Check out our events calendar for some ideas: [Link]

Reservation Confirmations

You can use your SMS marketing platform to confirm reservations, particularly if your hotel restaurant is busy. Rather than calling guests directly, you can schedule automated messages to be sent out in advance so your staff can focus on other tasks.

Hi [First Name], this is [Employee Name] from [Hotel Name]! I wanted to confirm your reservation for a standard room from 7/1 to 7/3. Please confirm your reservation by replying YES to this message.

Hi [First Name], you have a reservation at [Hotel Restaurant Name] tomorrow at 7 p.m. Please confirm your reservation by replying to this message with YES. - [Hotel Name]

Concierge Responses

Your concierge team most likely deals with a lot of similar requests day in and day out. With SMS marketing for hotels, you can use SMS messages to answer any questions your guests may have. Consider saving frequently used messages as templates to save your concierge time or enabling automated replies for specific keywords.

For example, you could set up an autoresponder that sends a list of nearby events happening that week in response to messages that include words like “activities” or “local events.” That way, your concierge can focus on finding specific suggestions or fulfilling guest requests.

Hi [First Name], this is [Employee Name] from the concierge desk at [Hotel Name]! Here is a list of upcoming events happening during your stay: [Link] Let me know if you’re looking for anything specific, and I’d be happy to help.

Hi [First Name], this is [Employee Name] from the concierge desk at [Hotel Name]! I’ve found several vegetarian restaurants in the area, listed from lowest to highest price: [Link]

Room Service Requests

Once you’ve implemented SMS marketing for hotels, text messages can streamline all kinds of guest requests, including room service orders. So rather than tying up the phone line at the front desk, you can ask guests to submit their room service requests via text message.

Not only do guests prefer this method, but it virtually eliminates the possibility of order mixups since you’ll have written requests to reference while your staff focuses on preparing their orders.

Hi [First Name], thanks for submitting your room service order for [Hotel Name]! Your order will be delivered to your room in about 20 minutes.

Hi [First Name], we have received your room service request. Please confirm the name on your booking, your room number and your food will be ready soon.

Valet Requests

While valet parking has always been convenient for hotel and restaurant guests, there can be a long wait for them to get their cars back if it’s a busy day. So instead, use mobile messaging for hotels to allow guests to send valet requests in advance, so they don’t have to wait long.

Hi [First Name], thanks for submitting your valet request! Your car will be available in 10 minutes. - [Hotel Name]

The current valet wait time is 10 minutes. - [Hotel Name]

Spa Service Specials

You can also leverage SMS text message marketing to cross-sell and upsell your guests. For example, consider offering special discounts for SMS subscribers only, like spa packages or free add-ons.

Hi [First Name], your spa appointment at [Hotel Name] is tomorrow at 9 a.m. Upgrade your reservation to one of our spa packages and get a free 30-minute foot massage! [Link to Spa Packages]

Hi [First Name], we hope you enjoyed your recent stay at [Hotel Name]! Use code FACIAL15 to receive 15% off on any facial at our spa the next time you visit. [Link to Spa Service Menu]

Restaurant & Bar Specials

Text blasts are a convenient way to reach people who are always on their phones. With an SMS marketing platform, you can send text blasts to your subscriber list to inform guests about upcoming in-house food and drink specials during their stay.

You can even segment your SMS marketing list to personalize your texts, like sending messages to guests in town for business.

Hi [First Name], join us for happy hour at [Hotel Bar Name] from Monday to Friday between 5 and 7 p.m. for half off all appetizers and well drinks! - [Hotel Name]

Not sure where to get dinner tonight? Make a reservation at [Hotel Restaurant Name] and get your first round of drinks free. Visit our website to book a reservation: [Link]

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