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12 Monstrously Good Halloween Text Messages for Your Business

Sep 19, 2023

Spooky season is upon us. For businesses, Halloween represents a staggering $10 billion market opportunity, filled with candy, costumes and, of course, customer engagement. 

To stand out from the horde of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins clamoring for consumer attention, SMS can be your magic potion. This marketing elixir isn't mere hocus pocus; it taps directly into the mobile-first lifestyle of your customers, offering real-time engagement and sky-high open rates that other channels simply can’t summon. 

That said, to truly capture attention and convert, you need to be meticulous in crafting your messages. To help with that, we’ve conjured up a list of 4 monstrously good Happy Halloween text message ideas that can turn seasonal browsers into bona fide buyers.

#1 Spooky Discounts and Offers 

Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treaters; it's a golden opportunity for businesses to treat their customers to something special. The key to killer SMS marketing this Halloween is blending urgency with exclusivity. You don't just want your audience to open the message—you want them to act on it, or else… 

For example, here are templates for Halloween text messages you can use: 

  • “👻 Boo! No tricks, just treats. Unlock a spine-chilling 25% OFF your next purchase. Act fast; offer expires at midnight! Use code: BOO25"
  • "🎃 Exclusive VIP offer! Enjoy 30% OFF our Halloween collection. For our favorite ghouls only—expires in 24 hours! Use code: VIPGHOUL"
  • "🕸️ Get tangled in our web of deals! Swipe 20% off site-wide. Hurry, this wicked offer vanishes in 3 hours! Use code: WEB20"

Pay careful attention to the tone and content of these messages. 

A sense of urgency and exclusivity are woven into the fabric of each one. Phrases like "expires at midnight," "expires in 24 hours," and "vanishes in 3 hours" not only grab attention but encourage immediate action. Meanwhile, the code provides an easy way for you to track the success of your outreach, and it gives loyal customers a simple, actionable step to claim their offer.

#2 Halloween Contests and Giveaways

Kids aren’t the only ones who love Halloween treats like contests and giveaways. They’re an excellent vehicle businesses can leverage to generate excitement, amplify engagement and drive Halloween sales. 

So, how do you translate this giddy anticipation into a text message? Try this:

  • "Hey [Customer's Name], want a treat without the trick? Text 'SPOOKY' to enter our Halloween contest. You could win a $100 gift card! Hurry, entry closes Oct. 30th!"
  • "Boo! Enter our Halloween giveaway by clicking this link and filling out the form. Don't miss your chance to win a Halloween gift basket of our most popular items worth $150! Entry closes at midnight!"
  • "Don't ghost us—join our Halloween giveaway! Text 'SPOOKY' for a chance to participate in our Halloween quiz and win special discounts! Ends Oct. 30th.”

For these SMS messages, the aim here is clarity. Clear instructions make it a no-brainer for customers to participate. And, once more, the ticking clock creates that sense of urgency, compelling customers to act now rather than later. 

Whatever your product or service, tailor your giveaway so that customers feel they're getting access to something truly special this Halloween season. 

#3 A Seasonal Product Launch

Halloween is a fantastic time to unmask a new exciting product or service. The autumnal vibes and general excitement for change are a perfect backdrop to introduce something fresh to your lineup.

Here are some industry-specific SMS templates you can use as an example:

  • Cafes – "Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! Our legendary Pumpkin Spice latte is back and better than ever. To celebrate the season, we’re also unveiling a cinnamon-spiced apple oat milk espresso and an iced pumpkin cream chai tea latte. Text 'PSL' for a sneak peek and an exclusive coupon. Be the first to sip the magic!"
  • SaaS companies – "Tech or Treat! Get ready for our spooky-tacular new app feature dropping this Halloween. Click this link for VIP early access!"
  • Retail – “Need last-minute Halloween inspo? Transform our newest fall styles into a killer costume. Swipe through our DIY costume guide here: [Link] and make a spooky splash this season!"

For product launches, you’re not just advertising the new product or service, but the experience as a whole. It represents an opportunity for your customers to be part of something novel and exciting. So, the messaging is less about the 'what' and more about the 'woah.' 

#4 Halloween Event Promotions

Whether you’re hosting a spine-chilling Halloween party or participating in the local harvest festival, SMS is the ideal medium to notify your audience in real-time to get the excitement brewing. Potential templates include:

  • "We’re excited to be a main sponsor of this year's Harvest Festival on Oct. 20th! Join us for a day of fall family fun—games, food, live music, giveaways, corn mazes, costume contests and more! RSVP today: [Event Link]"
  • "Think you’ve got the best costume? Prove it! 🎃 Visit our store in costume on Oct. 31st, and you could win big! All costumed shoppers will be entered into our Halloween contest. Big prizes await.” 
  • “Ready for some fall fun? Join us at [Location] for Pumpkin Patch Day on Oct. 25th. The first 50 RSVPs get a free pumpkin! [Event Link]"

Halloween SMS Marketing with Textedly 

The alchemy of Halloween and SMS marketing can conjure real magic for your business. By implementing these tricks and treats, you’ll position your brand for a profitable spooky season.

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