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Using SMS for B2B Sales? Here's How To Do It Right

Jul 19, 2021


B2B texting has become one of the most effective communication channels for businesses connecting with their customer base.

Compared to phone calls and email, text messages open a direct line of communication between businesses and consumers, prioritizing convenience and encouraging conversation. And the research supports it: 95% of SMS messages are read and responded to within three minutes of being received. In addition, SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of emails.

A personalized customer experience has become the standard for all kinds of marketing efforts, and B2B is no exception. B2B clients want to know exactly how your business can provide value to their organization.

Effective B2B texting can resolve some of the most common pain points of B2B selling. Today we’ll go over how to use SMS for B2B, along with seven use cases to help you get started.

Generate More Leads

Lead generation is an integral part of a successful B2B marketing campaign. With an average lead conversion rate hovering between 5 and 10% across industries, finding as many leads as possible is essential. Taking the time to nurture these relationships and converting them into paying customers pays off in the long run.

High SMS open rates offer you a much greater chance of actually making contact with your target customer base. You can also use SMS marketing features like auto-reply texts to respond to your leads immediately, so they aren’t tempted to look around for other options.

It is vital to be aware of SMS compliance regulations that require businesses to obtain express written consent before sending marketing text messages to customers. Following these regulations will protect your company from legal issues while enabling you to reach qualified leads.

Schedule Appointments

You’ve probably heard of one of the most common use cases for SMS text marketing: scheduling appointments and sending automated reminders. With an SMS marketing platform, you can follow up with a client and set up a meeting with just a few taps.

Business: Hi Rebecca, this is James from [Business Name]! Can we meet tomorrow at 11 am to discuss your service bundle?

Client: Sorry James, can we meet another day?

Business: Sure! What day and time are best for you?

Client: Does Thursday at 10:30 am work?

Business: That’s perfect, see you then!

What could have been a game of phone tag or an hours-long email exchange has been reduced to a few SMS texts exchanged within minutes. You can even configure your SMS platform to assign a specific team member to engage in conversations that require a more personal touch.

Manage Orders

Enabling customers to place and receive orders conveniently is a high priority for businesses. Unlike emails (which can get lost in an inbox) or online portals (which can sometimes be confusing to navigate), text messages enable your customers to reach you directly. In addition, customers can easily customize their orders with special requests.

Client: I need to order 20 desks and 20 chairs, the same as last time, to arrive at our new location by next week. Please send an invoice and ship it to the following address: [Client Address]

Business: Hi Tom, if you order now then your order will arrive by next Monday!

Client: Sounds great, please place the order.

Business: Your order is confirmed! I’ve sent an invoice to [Client Email Address] and your order is estimated to arrive by [Date]. We will let you know when your order has shipped.

With two-way SMS, you can answer questions from your customers and set up automated order updates, so your customers don’t have to worry about their orders. In addition, building stronger relationships with clients enable you to send “warm” offers when you promote new products or services, rather than a cold pitch from a stranger.

Close More Deals

The period between when a lead reaches out and when you respond is the most sensitive part of converting leads into customers. If you don’t respond to a lead right away, there’s a chance they’ll look somewhere else for answers. The average lead response time for B2B businesses is a whopping 42 hours — plenty of time for a lead to start looking at your competition!

Eliminate this risky waiting period with automated replies to reassure potential clients that you will get to them as soon as possible. You can customize your automated responses with keywords (like different services your business offers) and encourage leads to visit your website while waiting for a personal response.

Client: I’m interested in purchasing servers for my new offices. Could you quote me the cost for servers and installation for 3 locations?

Business: Hi, thank you for reaching out to [Business Name]! One of our experts is pulling together information about our current hardware offering. In the meantime, check out this blog article about server types and which one might work best for your business: [Link]

Increase Sales

If you’re starting your SMS subscriber list from scratch, this is an excellent opportunity to see the power of SMS marketing to increase sales. Consider offering a special incentive for customers to subscribe to your text marketing list, like a discount on their first order or a free add-on service.

Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up to receive texts from [Business Name]! As a token of our thanks, we’d like to offer you 15% off your first order with the code FIRST15.

Even if your subscribers just want to take advantage of a discount, this is your chance to showcase quality service that may convert them to customers.

Provide Product/Service Education

Offering valuable content is a surefire way to retain existing customers, grow your SMS marketing list and discover new leads. Rather than sending generic text messages to your entire list, segment your subscribers so you can send more relevant messages based on their interests.

Hi [First Name], are you hiring new team members? Check out our guide to creating the perfect job description to attract qualified applicants: [Link]

List segmentation ensures that your text messages add value instead of confusing or even annoying your subscribers.

Make Company Announcements

You don’t want your clients to miss any important company announcements, like new product releases or office closures. With B2B texting, you can schedule text messages to inform your clients about any time-sensitive changes.

Hi [First Name], our offices will be closed on Monday, September 6, for Labor Day. We will respond to any requests when our team is back in the office on Tuesday. Have a great holiday weekend!

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