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23 Professional Text Message Templates & Tips To Inspire You

Dec 29, 2021

So, you’re ready to start texting your customers. But how do you send a professional text message across such a simple form of communication?

Before you begin texting people on behalf of your business, you need to understand the rules of professional texting. Knowing how business texting differs from everyday texting will help you provide excellent customer service while avoiding crossing professional boundaries. 

This article includes:

      • Marketing/Promotional Texts
      • Sales Texts
      • HR/Recruiting Texts
      • Confirmation Texts
      • Reminder Texts
      • Staff Communication Texts
      • Banking/Financial Texts

Read on for 20+ professional text messages to inspire your marketing campaigns, then brush up on our professional text message etiquette tips.

23 Professional Text Message Example Templates

Ready to start texting your customers but need some inspiration? Let’s warm up with some examples of professional text messages to get you started.

Professional Marketing/Promotional Texts

  1. Retail Offer: Happy Mother’s Day! 30% off floral arrangements this weekend only. Come by from 8 am - 6 pm or shop online at [URL]. [Business Name]
  2. Spa Offer: Limited Member Offer: Get 25% off your next massage when you refer a friend. Offer expires April 30. We hope to see you soon! [Business Name]
  3. Medical Promotion: Teeth whitening sessions are 2-for-1 if you book your first session before [Date]. Reply to this text to schedule your appointment! 
  4. Services Offer: Get 20% off landscaping services during our Spring Cleaning sale. Offer expires [Date]. Text or call us today to book an appointment. [Business Name]

Professional Sales Texts

  1. Apartment Leasing Offer: Thanks for touring [Apartment Name]. We want to offer you 1 month rent free if you decide to sign. Text or call us to claim your free month at [Phone Number].
  2. Providing a Quote: Thanks for reaching out! Our average cleaning cost is $200-250. Please respond with the sq ft of your home for a detailed quote. Thank you! [Business Name]
  3. Sales Follow-up: Hi John, are you still interested in a vacation rental for your July Hawaii trip? I can send you more info whenever you’re ready. Thanks! [Business Name]
  4. Auto Response: Thanks for contacting us! We’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also schedule a meeting at mycalendar.com/book-meeting. [Business Name]

Professional HR/Recruiting Texts

  1. Interview Reminder: Your interview with [Business Name] is scheduled for [Date] [Time]. Ask for [Name] when you arrive. Please call this number with any questions.
  2. Recruiting Text: Hi [Name], I have an entry-level marketing opportunity that fits your specifications. Are you free this week to set up a call? [Name] [Recruiting Agency]

Professional Confirmation Texts

  1. Hotel Booking: Thank you for booking your stay at [Hotel Name] for 3 nights, arriving [Date]. [Confirmation number]. Please call [Phone number] to change your reservation.
  2. Order Confirmation: Thank you for your purchase! We have received your payment for [Order #] [Business Name]
  3. Appointment Confirmation: Thank you for booking your appointment. Please arrive 15 mins early to fill out a new patient intake form. Text or call us at [Phone number] to reschedule. [Business Name]
  4. Changes to Appointment/Reservation: Your appointment has been rescheduled to [Date] [Time] with [Doctor Name]. Please text or call us with any questions. 

Professional Reminder Texts

  1. Appointment Salon: You have a haircut tomorrow at [Time] with [Stylist]. If you have any questions, please call 555-5555. Have a beautiful day!
  2. Payment Reminder: Your rental insurance payment is due on [Date]. Please visit [URL] to make your payment. Thank you! 

Professional Staff Communication Texts

  1. Event/Conference Notification: Tickets are now available for the Corporate Conference. RSVP before [Date] to get a special gift! More details at: [Website]
  2. Meeting Changes: Hi [Name], the marketing all-hands meeting has been postponed to [Date] at [Time]. Look for a new itinerary in your email inbox this week. [Manager Name]
  3. Seasonal Greetings: Happy Holidays! Thank you for being a valued team member. Show this text at [Restaurant] and get 30% off your meal. Sincerely, [Manager Name].
  4. Staff Requests: Hi Michelle, are you available for a late shift on Saturday? If so, please call or text [Name] at [Phone Number]. We appreciate you!

Professional Banking/Financial Texts

  1. Balance Information: Your account balance is [Amount]. For more information, log into: [URL] [Bank Name].
  2. Fraud Alert: We noticed unusual activity on your account ending in -4992. Please call us back as soon as possible to secure your account. [Business Name]
  3. Transaction Alert: You completed your payment to [Business Name] on [Date] for the amount of [Amount]. Your account balance is now [Amount].

When Should You Send a Professional Text Message?

Every text message you send customers should have an air of professionalism. Because you’re reaching out to customers in a very personal way, it’s important to avoid coming across as inappropriate or invasive.

DO send a professional text message when you need to send:

  • Time-sensitive information
  • Company-wide staff updates
  • Appointment confirmations, changes and reminders
  • Polls, surveys or questionnaires
  • Inspirational, encouraging or congratulatory messages

While you have plenty of opportunities to text a customer or associate, some situations are better handled in person or through phone calls. 

DON’T send a text message when you need to send: 

  • Employment updates, such as hiring or firing 
  • Thank-you notes
  • Private information, such as medical test results 

Read our article on HIPAA Compliant Text Messages.

Professional Text Message Etiquette

Follow these rules to write a professional text message that builds trust: 

  • Get explicit permission. Texting people who haven’t opted in can upset customers and result in hefty legal fines. It’s illegal for a business to mass text people without their permission. Make sure you have received express written consent before texting your customers.
  • Keep it brief. Recipients should be able to read your message within a couple of seconds. Try to keep texts between 1-3 sentences.
  • Don’t text too often. What’s the best time to send text messages? You should send professional text messages within regular business hours. In addition, you should never send more than one text at a time.
  • Make it easy to reply. After reading your text, your customers should know exactly which action you want them to take. So if you’re asking them a question, make it easy for them to reply with a simple “Yes” or “No.”
  • Simplify your signature. Unlike email signatures, which allow you to fit your name, contact info, website and more, your text signature needs to be short and sweet. Make sure every text includes your business name.
  • Avoid slang and abbreviations. Many people use colloquial abbreviations like “OMG” and “LOL” when texting their friends and family. But abbreviations can come across as informal in a professional text message. Focus on writing clear, succinct sentences instead of resorting to slang to keep your character count down.

Read our beginner’s guide: How to Use Texting Acronyms in Business.

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