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12. 23. 2018

5 Ways to Optimize Your SMS Campaign Strategy

SMS marketing is a powerful tool. Currently, SMS services are on top of all other marketing channels. In fact, the number of phone users has tripled over the past decade and reached 5 billion in 2018. This number simply leaves anyone speechless. More than the half of human population owns a phone, so isn’t this fact enough to start implementing SMS marketing into your other marketing channels? It surely is.


However, text services won’t be effective if you don’t optimize the messages for your business. SMS campaign optimization is what makes your SMS services workable. So, how to optimize SMS marketing campaigns to make your offers truly irresistible, yet relevant? First thing first, check out the ready-to-use SMS marketing templates that Textedly created for you. The templates may give you a better understanding of how SMS campaign optimization can be achieved. There are also several simple rules to follow to make your text marketing irresistible and boost your sales. One of the most important factors is to keep your messages personalized whenever possible. Customize your messages to include names, product categories, customer-specific information, and invoice numbers. But don’t be too pushy or annoying. Keep your texts nice and sweet.


Keep reading to find out the 5 ways to optimize your SMS campaign strategy and make most out of your text services.


SMS campaign strategy optimization