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04. 26. 2019

SMS Marketing vs Calling: What do your customers prefer most?

In case you are pondering over the choice between SMS marketing and telephone marketing strategies, then you are in the right place.  Both of these strategies are effective, but each of them shines bright in its era. In contrast to phone calls that have proved their effectiveness as a marketing strategy for ages, SMS marketing is quite younger.

However, it doesn’t prevent it from being an emerging trend in the business world. Many companies and organizations have already switched to this marketing strategy due to its plenty of advantages over calling. Furthermore, SMS is an outstanding option for marketing purposes because of being cost-effective ($0.01-$0.05 per text) and providing higher ROI compared to telephone marketing. Let’s check other advantages below:

  • SMS messages are discreet

  • They provide quick reach to customers

  • They have a high open rate

  • They are more private

Additionally, telephone marketing has several serious drawbacks that kick it out from the competition with SMS marketing and here are some of them to be considered:

  • Phone calls are disruptive

  • They are annoying

  • They are time-consuming

  • Telephone marketing is expensive

Thus, the facts speak themselves and being discreet and time-efficient than calling, SMS proves to be a more effective strategy as a communication channel for business needs.
Moreover, SMS is more convenient and private when people are in a public place, at a conference or meeting, excluding the likelihood of being overheard. If you still are suspicious about choosing this or that, consider the statistics that speak out loud about the overwhelming necessity of incorporating SMS marketing into your everyday business communication process.

SMS Marketing vs Calling