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Why SMS Marketing is the Fuel for Your Business Growth?

Apr 22, 2019

Growing your business in the modern era can be a real challenge due to the hugely competitive market out there. But the challenge will be overcome successfully if you apply the right marketing strategies and monitor the flow of your business processes appropriately. There are a number of complex marketing strategies which, despite being quite effective, might not be the best option for reaching quick business growth, especially for businesses on a tight budget. Here is when SMS marketing kicks in to solve your problems and help you boost your sales and revenue.

Mass text messaging has become one of the most popular marketing strategies among a large number of businesses. It’s come to be a really effective way of reaching the target audience within a matter of seconds and what’s more important, it’s extremely affordable. SMS marketing is easily trackable and provides usable data for marketing specialists for further analysis and evaluation of their target audience. Above all, text messaging is very simple which comes in handy for all the sides involved.


#1 | SMS Marketing Campaigns: Where to Start and What are the Advantages?

As already mentioned, SMS marketing is a highly effective and at the same time, affordable marketing strategy that will contribute to your business growth and enlarge your customer base. But as is the case with any other marketing tool, you need to have deep understanding and knowledge of what SMS marketing is and how you should implement it in order to make the most of your campaigns. We have made a list of a few important points to make it easier for you not only to know where to start but also to understand how to apply your acquired knowledge in the right way.


#2 | Deep Understanding of SMS Marketing

As already noted, the first thing you should do is thorough research on the essence of SMS marketing. You can visit Textedly blog for getting deep insights into the matter - each of our blog posts represents a certain aspect of SMS marketing: how small and big brands can benefit from it, what advantages it has, which templates you can use in your text messaging campaigns to achieve the best results, etc. This and more can be found at one place - you just need to take time to read the articles and use your knowledge to get the best out of SMS marketing.

It goes without saying that, one way or another, you are going to outsource your SMS marketing needs to professionals. And this might make you think that you don’t need to spend time doing your own research, however, it is always beneficial when you are aware of all your business processes well enough to be in charge of them. Trust toward your outsourcing company is of crucial importance for successful cooperation but it’s also no less important to have at least basic knowledge on the essence of the tool through which your customers come to you.


#3 | Advantages of Text Messaging Campaigns

SMS marketing campaigns come with numerous advantages some of which you can find listed below:

  • High Open Rate: SMS marketing stands out with its high open rate - 98% of the time customers open the text messages sent to them (compare this with the only 24.79% open rate of email marketing campaigns). People rarely go anywhere without their phones and check them hundreds of times during the day which means that your message won’t go unnoticed.

  • Affordability: Starting a text messaging campaign is not only very simple but also highly cost-effective. You can reach thousands of your customers within seconds and at an affordable price.

  • Mobile-Friendliness: This feature matters a lot these days as people do most of their purchases, orders and general browsing on their mobiles. Make sure the link you insert in your text message is mobile friendly as well.

  • Reach of a Wider Audience: Text messages don’t require an Internet connection or a phone with many functionalities. This makes your audience bigger as pretty much all mobile phones are compatible with text messaging.

  • Speed, Flexibility and Customizability: It takes no time for a text message to reach to your customer. Besides, you can customize your text messages by classifying your customers into certain groups. This will help you avoid annoying them and send relevant texts to those customers who will be interested (inform them about sales, discounts, promotions, news and more).

  • Easy Opt-in and Opt-out: Customers appreciate it when things are simple, especially the process of opting in and out.

#4 | Reviews of Business Owners

Now that you know what SMS marketing is and what advantages it offers, you can check out the experience of other business owners. Look up the reviews, see what they think about SMS marketing, how it has affected their business and helped them grow.
Textedly has years of experience in delivering SMS marketing services to different business owners and entrepreneurs. Simply, look up the reviews of our customers as proof of our high-quality services and professionalism. Our goal is to help your business grow and make your small investment a rewarding experience.

#5 | Choice of the Right SMS Marketing Platform

After you are done with your research, it’s high time to look for the right SMS marketing company which will cover your text messaging needs. Apparently, one of the main ways to make the right choice is by looking at the company’s history and customer reviews. Here are 4 points to consider before making your choice:

  • Reliability (this means choosing an already established and experienced company)

  • Smooth message delivery (the company should be cooperating with quality carriers)

  • Quick and simple creation of bulk text messaging campaigns

  • Scalability - as your business grows, you’ll need to send a larger amount of text messages, so make sure the company will be able to cover your bigger needs.

Worth noting is the fact that you can find all these features at Textedly - our rich experience and number of satisfied and loyal customers are enough to ensure you that Textedly would be the right decision.


#6 | SMS Marketing Costs

SMS marketing is an affordable tool for customer outreach, however, the prices should be reasonable - neither too cheap nor too expensive. In the first case, you’d get poor quality services, while in the second case, you will be overcharged by an untrustworthy company.

Study the different prices offered by various text messaging platforms - this way you’ll understand the average and common price for getting quality SMS marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind to choose the company the prices of which are compatible with your budget. SMS marketing is usually affordable enough even for small businesses with low budgets but it’s always good to calculate your chances carefully.

Textedly offers affordable and flexible SMS marketing payment plans among which you will surely find the best fit for your budget and business’ needs.

Boost your business and attract more loyal customers with the help of SMS marketing within the shortest amount of time. Try Textedly’s free 14-day trial plan right now to see the high standards and effectiveness of our services for yourself!


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