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The Incredible Efficiency of SMS Marketing Combined with Social Media

Oct 12, 2017

When it comes to reaching those clients and prospective clients who seem to always be on the go, mobile marketing is an indispensable aspect of your marketing strategy. Not only is it crucial to reaching these people, but it's also highly effective. Within 3 minutes of delivery, the read rate of SMS messages is a staggering 95%, and within an hour of delivery, that rate remains sizable, at 84%.


With delivery and read rates this high, SMS marketing is a superb way to ensure that your audience gets your message. Up to 45% of SMS marketing campaigns feature a very healthy ROI. In fact, advertisers generated over $20 billion in ad revenue via mobile marketing in 2014.


With text message marketing being a channel that comes with the customer's invite, via their permission to message them through an SMS or web sign up or keyworded invitation, your message is welcome to their mobile screens.

Many of the biggest name brands across a myriad of industries vigorously utilize SMS to communicate special promotions, new products and updates to their customer base.

sms and email marketing.pngWhen used in addition to other methods like social media and email marketing, the ROI has the serious potential to overtake 50%. SMS messages can invite customers to open an email that you've sent them or check out a special web offer. In the email realm, an SMS message relative to an email campaign can boost email read rates by almost 30%.

In the customer feedback arena, SMS brings real time survey power. After about 5 minutes of delivery, over 30% of customers provide feedback to a survey received via SMS. Here's how to get consumer data straight from the horse's mouth in a rapid time frame. Consumer analytics allows you to take this data to aggregate consumers according to marketing methods that they are likely to provide positive response to.

To sum up, SMS marketing features traceable and dependable delivery, read, and engagement rates, together with worthwhile ROI reports.

Gain Subscribers through Social Media

With SMS marketing being a channel that gets its effectiveness through the election of the recipient, spreading that message far and wide gets to be something that needs as many subscribers as possible.

One of the easiest ways to go about this is to promote your SMS campaign to those who are already followers or subscribers on your social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These are people who are already geared up to take interest in your message. They are a willing audience who has shown this through their buy in to your other media channels. You can inform them of your SMS campaign by posting about it on your social media profiles and timelines and invite them to add their number to your SMS campaign.


SMS Reminders to Invite Social Media Attention

The real power to a comprehensive marketing campaign is your ability to coordinate each marketing channel with each other. To this end, SMS marketing, through its astronomical efficiency, point more subscribers to participate in a pointed and coordinated outcome. So, for example, if you're running a Facebook special, you can invite your SMS subscribers to log on and participate in it, thereby boosting the success of one channel through the use of another. This ability brings serious value to the table where customers who aren't as regular about their social media habits could miss out on your special Facebook promotion by simply not having logged on in time to participate. Or perhaps your page was overlooked in their feed. SMS reminders can point them in the right direction and entice them to visit your Facebook page for more information and to take advantage of your offer.


Complementary Channels

One important thing to remember is that people use social media differently from the way that they utilize text messaging. One of the major benefits of text messaging is that it is succinct and quick. Messages can be opened and reviewed in a matter of seconds without considerably interrupting what they're doing. Social media, on the other hand, is something that people tend to devote much more time  and attention to. Either a few minutes here or there to several hours. That difference leads to a difference in the way people expect your message to be communicated to them. Your SMS messages need to be short and quick. On the other hand, you can devote photos, videos, lengthier dialogues, etc, on a social media page or profile. The beauty of it is that you can bring the same customer on board to each channel and take advantage of the benefits that each one affords, according to the way that your subscribers want to met.

Subscription and Rates

Ensure that your consumer base knows how to subscribe to your messages and updates. If they can't get on board, you can't take them where you want them to go. So make sure to include whatever process or keyword will be needed for subscription. It's also quite important to include the fact that data or messaging rates charged by mobile carriers and ISP's can be incurred when your message or invitation includes, requests, or requires your subscriber to respond in kind.


And Finally

SMS Text message marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customer base with promotions and calls to action thereto, as well as gaining significant consumer insight through traceable campaigns and surveys. When coordinated with Social Media, it's power to reach your target customer base and communicate an effective message takes on a whole new level. Bring more attention to your brand, develop more conversions, with a more coordinated marketing campaign that goes straight to your customer's pocket.