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Feb 25, 2019

SMS Marketing as the Next Big Trend in 2019

SMS marketing is not dead as many people think. In contrast, a marketing channel that was popular in the 90s is getting a fresh breath. Although a couple of decades ago SMS was people’s favorite channel to communicate, today, it has transformed into a powerful marketing tool. The last several years proved the power of text message services for businesses. According to the Gartner 2016 Digital Channel Survey, SMS is currently one of the top four most popular marketing tools. In addition, it is estimated that 49 million people will opt-in to SMS marketing by 2020. If you’re wondering how to retain the customers for the long and successful life of your business, then you should start using text services. You will also increase conversion through SMS marketing and achieve high engagement rates.

Reliable and Safe

Your marketers put a lot of effort into creating a campaign, whether it’s an SMS campaign or any other advertisement, you want it to get to the people and create the engagement or interest you’re aiming for. But how can you be sure that you’ll get the results you want and that the advertisement you create won’t be missed? Mass text messaging is the only platform that can give you confidence that your message will be seen by people. SMS marketing is one of the most reliable marketing channels in the world.

People carry their mobile phones with them all the time and they immediately react to whatever they receive or see on the screen. According to statistics, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. They are not ignored or deleted or sent to spam, but they are read. So with text marketing, you get almost 100% guarantee that customers are getting your messages. That’s why SMS marketing in 2019 is trending for its reliability.

Increased Conversion Rates

You can drive your business conversions with the help of mass text messaging. Since people see all your messages, you can easily engage them and boost your conversion rates. But in order to increase the engagement rate, you can't simply send a message for the sake of sending. You need to carefully analyze the demand of your subscribers and present them with value via your text messaging efforts. If done correctly, you will effectively increase conversion through SMS marketing.

There are many ways how you can increase your conversion rates with SMS marketing. For example, you can use CTAs that would motivate the subscriber to take an action by clicking a link or using a special coupon code in the digital or brick-and-mortar shop. The URLs in the texts that take the person to your website or any specific landing page can be trackable, which is extremely useful for analyzing your performance. You can analyze your campaigns based on their performance and understand how clickable they are to the audience. By continuously collecting and evaluating such data, you will be able to spot the best performing texts that help you boost the conversion rates. That’s how SMS campaigns can increase conversions, given their high open rates.

Higher Retention Rate

Any business owner knows the high value of customer retention. Businesses that concentrate on customer acquisition rather than retention are making a huge mistake for the long-term success of their company. The main attribute of retention marketing is customer satisfaction. SMS marketing in 2019 is believed to play a huge role in your overall marketing strategy to help increase the satisfaction rate. Achieving a high retention rate is what will create loyal customers and there are specific SMS promotion techniques which can help you boost the loyalty of the customers.

Use text marketing to create a stronger bond and connection with clients. Update them on your sales showing that you care about them. Offer them coupon codes for new products or special weekend sales that will make you more caring. Also, use messages to get back to customers to collect their feedback about your brand. Connecting with the customer to receive their feedback is extremely important for retention marketing, and text message services make it extremely easy to collect reviews. Simply send your client a feedback form asking to fill it in and offer them a small present for that, such as free shipping. So if you don’t know how to retain the customers, simply start leveraging the power of the SMS platform.

Big Coverage of SMS Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing over other platforms is that it has huge coverage. You can enlarge your subscription list and add as many people as you wish. Mass text marketing is great because you take your time to create an effective text campaign and in the next second it is literally in the pocket or hand of the customer. You don’t spend lots of money on the distribution part. It’s as simple as that. Mass text messaging is a great way to spread your message over thousands of people in seconds. SMS marketing can offer a tremendous value for a very low cost.


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