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Aug 2, 2018

6 Reasons These Businesses Use SMS Marketing

Businesses are always searching for the best SMS marketing platforms and services to improve their performance and grow their customer base. The goal of each company is to gain more consumers and increase sales.


#1 SMS as the Primary Channel to Reach Your Customers


Flynn ZaigerIt’s pretty easy to get your advertisements vaguely in 
front of a person, but they’re typically not looking straight ahead, or up 
at billboards. No matter where people are, from work, to walking, to bed, 
their hands are clutched around their phones. It’s essential to consider SMS 
marketing, for almost every business, because of this exact reason. You 
want your advertisements to be seen as a priority, and SMS allows you to be 
the first and foremost thing on a consumer’s mind, unlike email or other 
forms of advertising. 


Thanks to Flynn Zaiger, CEO at Online Optimism


#2 Texting for Robust Sales Process


Stefanie-Rosenfield-For business development, we rely heavily on text message marketing. When a 
prospective client contacts our agency and we are getting their contact 
information, we specifically ask for their cell phone. The reason is 
because we've realized that we get a much higher response rate for people 
interested in our services when we follow-up and text them directly versus 
phone calls or emails. Texting is a part of of daily operation and helps us 
have a robust sales process. 


Thanks to Stefanie Rosenfield , Owner at Cleveland Marketing King



#3 Increasing Sales Significantly with Text Messaging


mikey-moranText messaging is more personal than an email, we wanted to make 
the communication valuable and different than what is put out in our other 
marketing messages. 

Every other week we run a Flash Sale that offers limited quantities of a 
product 50% - 70% off retail. The open rates, click through rates, and 
conversion rates allow us to sell our every time while significantly 
increasing our sales! 

Thanks to Michael Moran , CEO at Private Label Extensions 



#4 Increasing ROI with Text Message Marketing


metal_marvels-2As the CEO of an e-commerce company, it is extremely important that we 
market to where our ideal client hangs out and spends her time. For us 
that's Instagram. However, along with that, our target market spends a lot 
of their time on their phones and our store is shopped via mobile device 
about 60% of the time. While email lists are profitable, there are more 
hoops to jump through like spam filters, etc. With texting, the barrier is 
much lower and it's delivered directly to your customer on the thing that 
never leaves their hands. In the past 3 months, since starting to use text 
message marketing, the ROI has been 745% on this channel, far surpassing 
that of email. 


Thanks to Katie Seller, CEO at Metal Marvels 



#5  SMS Marketing for Lead Generation

Elite-logoElite Marketing Studios focused on Instagram growth. We offer a 5 day free 
trial of our service, and ever since we transitioned from email follow up 
cadences to SMS marketing we have seen a significant increase in open rate 
and response rate. For cold leads, reaching out via text is a more 
convenient method of follow up and has led to a boost in close rate for our 
trials by more than 20%. 


Thanks to Chaz Van de Motter, Owner at Elite Marketing Studios 



#6 Improving Notification Deliverability with SMS 

seotechWe have a few local clients (dog groomers, male grooming, food delivery service) for who we do SEO for, and SMS is extremely important for them. While technology has been pushing emails on a lot of fronts, we've found 

that notification messages are best sent through SMS than email (whether it be booking confirmation, reminder, or follow-up). The reason for this is that you get a much better deliverability, and you don't need to worry about the message going to Spam or a less checked email folder. Furthermore, users appreciate it much more, because not a lot of companies are bothering to do anything personal these days. 

Thanks to Peter Selmeczy, CEO & Founder at SEO Tech