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Quick Reply Solutions: Auto Reply Texts for Businesses

Mar 29, 2024

Today,  48% of consumers prefer direct business communication via text. But what happens when you receive texts after business hours or on weekends and holidays? Auto-reply texts to the rescue!

Auto-reply messages are not a new concept. You probably have an after-hours voicemail and out-of-office message email set up for your business already. However, automated text messages can save time by providing an even faster communication channel that informs and assures your customers when you cannot respond. 

Today, we’ll share some auto-reply text message examples for businesses to help you get started.

Table of Contents

What is an Auto Reply Text Message

An auto-reply text is a programmed response sent automatically from a device or application in response to an incoming message. Auto-reply texts serve to acknowledge receipt of a message and inform the sender that the recipient is unavailable or unable to respond immediately. 

a smartphone depicting an auto reply text conversation between a customer and a business.

Why Set up Auto Reply Texts

They can be customized to convey specific information, such as the sender's availability, alternative contact methods, or expected response times. Auto-reply texts are convenient for managing business communication during periods of absence, ensuring that senders receive timely acknowledgment and relevant information despite the recipient's unavailability.

Setting up an auto-response is a great way to minimize customer response time without taking your attention away from other business areas.

Auto Reply Text Samples 

Use the following ready-to-go templates to create auto-reply messages that resonate with your audience and streamline customer interactions.

1. General Auto-Reply Texts

A general auto-reply confirms you have received a customer’s message and will be in touch soon. Since this is typically the first message a customer will receive from you, include your business name, hours of operation and a link to your website for more information.

Hi there! We received your message and will contact you before our offices close at [Closing Time].

2. New Customer Welcome Texts

When one of your leads becomes a paying customer, staying connected with them is essential. If you cannot reach out to your customers immediately, auto-reply messages are a quick and effective way to thank them for their business.

Thank you for your recent purchase from [Business Name]! Please contact us with any questions or visit our website: [Website URL].

3. After Hours Texts

Auto-reply text messages make it easier for your team to stay connected with your customers, even after hours. Automatic messages can also remind people of your hours of operation and inform them when they should expect to hear back from you.

Hi there, you’ve reached [Business Name]. Unfortunately, our offices are currently closed, but we will contact you when we return. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 9 pm PT.

4. Out-of-Office Reply Texts

If you’re out of the office or unable to check your email and texts, these auto-reply texts can ensure your customers feel that you aren’t ignoring their messages while promoting your business’s products or services.

Hello! I am out of the office now but will reply ASAP. You can expect a reply by [Date] at the latest. You can contact [Team Member] at [Phone Number] for anything you need.

5. Appointment Confirmation Texts

Automated messages can help your customers remember their appointments without being too invasive. You can also avoid lost time slots and maximize your office’s productivity by confirming appointments ahead of time.

Hi [Customer Name], you have an appointment with [Team Member] tomorrow at [Time]. Reply with YES to confirm your appointment. See you then!

a smartphone showing an auto reply text message conversation triggered by an SMS keyword

6. Opt-In Response Texts

Automated messages help your business meet SMS compliance regulations by offering customers a way to immediately opt in to text messages.

Hi [Name], thank you for opting in for [Service Name]. Please reply with Y to confirm your opt-in decision or STOP to unsubscribe.

7. Thank You Texts

If a customer leaves your website without buying anything, an auto-reply text message is an opportunity to incentivize them to complete their purchase with a special coupon code.

Thank you for visiting [Business Name]! Use the code SALE20 to save 20% on any one item on your next visit.

8. Vacation Texts

Don’t leave your customers hanging if you’re away on vacation for an extended period. Crafting a simple message with alternative contact information is always appreciated.

Hi [Name], thank you for contacting me. I’m on vacation until [Date]. Please contact my colleague [Name] at [Phone Number] if you need immediate assistance.

9. Holiday Closure Texts

Are you closing for the holidays? Let your customers know when your business will resume operations.

Season’s greetings! Our offices will be closed on Dec. 24 and 25. However, I will respond to your message when we return on Dec. 26. If you have an urgent matter, you can reach me on my cell at [Phone Number]. Thank you!

10. Customer Support Texts

Nothing is more frustrating than needing help and not getting it. If a customer has contacted your support team, reassure them that you’ll be with them shortly. 

Thank you for contacting our 24/7 Customer Support Desk. A member of our team will respond to you within two hours. Thank you for your patience!

11. Event Reminder Texts

Event reminder text templates are the secret sauce behind successful gatherings, seamlessly blending efficiency with courtesy in the realm of event management. 

Don’t miss out. [Company name]’s annual [conference name] is in one week! Download our full agenda here [link]

12. Product Launch Announcement 

Product launch text messages are the pulse of modern marketing, pulsating with anticipation and excitement as new innovations hit the market. These impactful messages serve as digital drumrolls, heralding the arrival of game-changing products to eager audiences.

It’s time! [Product name] is now live and available exclusively on our website 🎉. Get yours today at [Website URL].

Save Time With Textedly’s Auto-Reply Text Messages

Auto-reply text messages are a quick and easy way to stay connected with your clients while providing them with excellent customer service at their convenience. Ready to set up an auto-reply solution for your business? 

How to Use Textedly’s Auto-Reply Feature

Getting auto-reply text messages up and running with Textedly is a breeze, giving your business the power to build killer communication flows.

Visual showing how to use Textedly’s auto-reply feature

  • Step 1: Log in to Textedly and click on the 'App Store' tab of the navigation menu.
  • Step 2: Select ‘Automatic Replies’ from the App Store. Most of the Apps in Textedly’s App Store are free of charge, but this one is activated by a small one-time fee.  
  • Step 3: Now you’re ready to go! Start by uploading your contact list to the page. You can also just drag and drop your list.
  • Step 4: Craft personalized messages that align with your business's tone and branding. You can also choose from various SMS templates that you can customize for your business!
  • Step 5: Schedule the message to be sent sometime in the future, or send it immediately! Read more about the best time to send text messages to increase engagement and conversions.

That’s it! Once configured, Textedly's automated system ensures swift responses to incoming texts, enhancing customer engagement and saving valuable time for your team.

Textedly offers robust  SMS marketing services for companies, both large and small. Our affordable, user-friendly platform makes communicating with your contacts efficient and easy, with a rich feature set that’s fully customizable based on your needs and timelines.

Sign up for a free trial of Textedly and start texting your customers today.

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