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How Much Time Do Americans Spend on Their Mobile Phones in 2018?

Aug 13, 2018

The US adults spend 3 hours and 23 minutes with mobile media each day according to the most recent statistics. From 2012 up to 2018, the numbers went from 88 minutes to 203 minutes. When you include total time spent on their mobile phones, it turns out that an average American spends at least 5,9 hours on their mobile phones every single day.

These numbers have a strong tendency of increasing as time passes. The truth is, people are hooked to their phones today like these devices hide a secret treasure map that only they can see. With a total technology expansion taking the world by storm, it seems that today, people are on their phones literally all the time.

They track their work over the phone, keep in touch with their friends, take pictures, record videos, listen to music, check the weather, read the latest news, and so on. Modern phones were designed to be with them in every moment of their lives, which has additionally increased the time spent on these devices. While the numbers greatly vary from person to person, the average is around 4 hours a day.

That's one hour and 9 minutes more than in 2017 and it will increase over time. When it comes to total media consumption, more than 65% goes on mobile phones. It's no wonder, when you consider that almost all the people in the world have smartphones.

College-age adults are the most active, spending significantly more time than older demographics. That's probably the reason why many companies have turned to SMS marketing more than ever before. They reach their customers much more easily via SMS, simply because everyone has a phone today. The truth is, smartphones usage keeps increasing as time go by.

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Mobile Will Surpass TV

Mobile devices are so enticing that each year we spend more and more time with them. This has become quite a common case, especially today when there are so many things that we do using our mobile phones. The way we use that time is changing, just as mobile devices are. The mobile web and tablets are not that 'in' anymore.

Now, smartphones and the apps they bring are more interesting to us than anything else on offer. With things changing rapidly today, we can expect that the time people spend on their mobile devices will surely change. In 2018, the accurate average time US adults spend on mobile devices is about 3 hours and 35 minutes each day.

Mobile Devices as a Primary Channel of Communication

The more advanced the smartphones get, the more time people spend with them. Tablets were the hottest thing in 2016, but not anymore. Nowadays, due to high-performance smartphones, people can do a lot of things using their mobile devices. Look at the business world for example. E-commerce is booming because of smartphones. SMS marketing has never been more active, as it's still the number one way to reach customers.

So, naturally, more organizations are using these modern advantages to target wider audiences and gain more potential customers. That's one of the main reasons why businesses use SMS marketing. If you use it properly,  you can significantly increase your sales. That's the main reason more and more companies are making SMS their primary channel of communication with their customers.

SMS as a Marketing Tool

These organizations know that most people use mobile devices while they're on the go. They might as well get a few texts about the latest products from the biggest brands in the world. All the brands need to do is go through the latest statistics and realize just how much time US adults spend with their mobile devices. It’s easy to get a clear picture of how to set their main marketing goals and aims.

Organisations are now fully focused on two marketing tools that serve their purpose the best: SMS and Social Media. Even though the use of social media is still high, it's mostly spread among younger adults. If you take the older generations into consideration, SMS remains the leading channel of communication.

It's well-known that the US citizens are among the biggest population of consumers. It's only natural that the organisations are using any means available to target wider audiences and reach more customers. In the end, that's the point of any marketing campaign.

Five Top Social Media Platforms People Spend Time on

All mobile users, especially the younger ones, use their mobile devices to visit social media platforms. The young Americans tend to spend at least two hours a day on those platforms alone. That's without all other activities. The top five platforms are:

  1. YouTube – one of the most widely used platforms in the world for fun, relaxation, and education.

  1. Facebook – a place where people socialize mostly but can be used for multiple purposes, such as brand and music promotion. It's simply perfect for all sorts of marketing.

  1. Snapchat – it serves as a platform for mostly news and LiveStories, a thing that's 'in' right now.

  1. Instagram – image-based social platform, perfect for marketing and showcasing products.

  1. Twitter – a place for world events and latest news, used by numerous celebrities. Perfect for all types of marketing.


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We live in a modern age where people tend to spend more time on mobile devices than with their families. This has been the case all over the world, but it's especially common in developed countries.

Today, it's not “How are you?” anymore, it's “What are you using?”


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