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Jun 10, 2019

Why Text Messaging Continues to Grow?

It goes without saying that email marketing has long lost its popularity giving way to a more powerful and effective means of marketing - bulk text messaging. With its open rates decreasing to below 25%, it is quite expectable that email marketing won’t come first in the list of marketing strategies of business owners. Now is the time of mobile-friendly marketing strategies.

That’s why it’s SMS marketing that’s becoming a huge trend among marketers and business owners. Despite the fact that mass text messaging has been around for quite a while now, its platform independence and simplicity have made it more popular today than ever. SMS marketing offers a number of advantages and beneficial features to businesses increasing their potential for further success, higher number of sales and more loyal customers.

The mere fact that 7 billion people around the world own cell phones and most of them check their mobiles hundreds of times during the day, makes SMS marketing one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Besides, SMS marketing is also a right choice for small businesses functioning on a tight budget. It’s highly affordable and the results will pay back the small investment it requires.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of SMS marketing and see why it’s paving a successful path of becoming one of the most demanded and popular marketing strategies ever.


1. No Additional Hardware Required

SMS marketing doesn’t require any additional hardware and you don’t have to deal with any new technological developments or anything complex.

Text messaging is instant and utterly simple. All you need to do is write an engaging and relevant text with a clear call-to-action, insert a link and send it. For better results, you should also personalize your messages by including the name of each customer you are sending the text to.

Bulk text messaging is what will boost your existing marketing campaign in the shortest possible time and attract more loyal customers to your business.

The best SMS service providers offer an easy-to-use, simple and no-set-up option which will enable you to send thousands of messages from a web-based platform in a matter of hours.


2. No Need for Internet Connection

SMS is compatible with pretty much every cell phone in the world and what’s more important, it doesn’t require Internet availability. This allows you to connect with customers who rarely use Internet or have mobile phones that are not compatible with your other marketing campaigns such as email marketing.

Apparently, SMS marketing will give you the possibility to connect with a wider range of customers this way increasing the probability of you acquiring a higher number of loyal customers or people interested in your services or products.


3. Customers Prefer Texting

Customers love the simplicity and ease of use of text messaging. And be sure that if you have been lucky to have a database of customers who have provided you with their mobile phone numbers and let you send them text messages, it means that they are actually interested in your services or products. This is mainly because texting is actually quite a personal way of contact between people.

Having an open rate of 98%, SMS marketing is way ahead of any other communication method in terms of read rate. Besides, it takes a little more than a minute for a customer to respond to your message. This means that customers would pleasantly opt in to your text messaging campaigns if they are interested in what you offer as it’s the easiest way for them to learn about things that interest them in your company.

Besides, people also like how easy it is to opt in and opt out of an SMS marketing campaign. If you want them to stick around longer with you, just ensure the generation of relevant text messages that won’t annoy your customers (special offers, discounts, gifts, etc.).


4. Direct Way of Communication

Text messaging is one of the fastest and most direct ways of communication used by billions of people around the world. It is quick, easy and ensures an instant reach to your customers.

With text messaging you can always rest assured that your texts won’t go unnoticed or unread. As already mentioned, texting is also a personal way of contacting your customers, so keep in mind to respect their privacy and only send messages that are relevant and of actuall interest for the customers.


5. Customer Retainer

Text messaging is also a great way of not only maintaining your current customers but also gaining new, loyal ones. Here are a few points to show you how successful and well-thought SMS marketing campaigns will help you retain your customers and drive customer loyalty:

Text messaging is also a great way of not only maintaining your current customers but also gaining new, loyal ones. Here are a few points to show you how successful and well-thought SMS marketing campaigns will help you retain your customers and drive customer loyalty:

  • Correct Targeting: The first factor that will ensure targeting accuracy is getting the permission of your customers before sending them text messages. This way you’ll know that you are sending texts to people who are interested in what you offer. You can then group people according to their likes, dislikes and preferences, also according to age, sex, location depending on what your services and products are.

    Keeping this accuracy in your campaigns will help you retain your customers because receiving texts that match their interests is a sign that you actually care about them.

  • Cost-Effectiveness of the Campaigns:  That’s right - the affordability of SMS marketing can also contribute to customer retention. You can use some of the saved money from your budget on offering incentives, discounts and special gifts. This will make customers stay with you longer.

  • Proper Context: Don’t just send text messages for the sake of carrying out your marketing campaigns. Consider every single detail. One of these is the proper context i.e. when and how often you should send messages to your customers. Understand during which part of the day your customers are more probable, say, to respond to your message or even open it. Don’t annoy them with excessive amounts of irrelevant messages.

Make use of geofencing so as to reach the highest level of relevance in your messages. E.g., if a customer is passing by your business, you can send them a text about a special offer or a latest coupon.


6.  Drives Traffic to Websites

SMS marketing can also drive traffic to your website via the link you insert in a text message. Make your links short and relevant to the context of the message, e.g., if you’re offering a discount on a certain product, the link should direct the customer to the page which contains details about that product.
Linking to your website does not only enhance your online presence, it’s also a great way of optimizing your SMS marketing campaigns. You can’t include all the details that interest people in a short text message that’s why linking to relevant information is important. Make the most of your text messaging campaigns by us


All the above-listed benefits of SMS marketing make the reason for its drastical growth and popularity obvious. Thus, if you want to reach business growth, increase the number of your customers and improve your bottom line, you should surely go for SMS marketing. It’s one of the most rewarding marketing strategies out there!