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Jun 28, 2019

MMS Picture Messaging That Actually Drives Sales

What is MMS? How can it help grow a business and boost its sales? How to organize successful and well-targeted MMS messaging campaigns? If these are the questions that have been crossing your mind lately then you are in the right place. We have the answers to these and more, keep reading to find them out. 

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) was built using the same technology as SMS with the purpose of enabling SMS users to send multimedia content. The most common usage of MMS is not only for sending pictures and images, but it also lets people send audio, phone contacts and video files. 

As with SMS, MMS also penetrated into the marketing sphere to help businesses boost their sales by using its simple and advantageous features. We already know that SMS is a great way of contacting your target audience in a matter of seconds. Besides, with its high open rate (98%), you can always be sure that people will notice your messages. 

Now imagine sending them a picture instead of a text using the same technology. Doesn’t that sound enticing? If in case of text messages, you are not always sure that people will actually read them after opening, with an eye-catching and wisely targeted image, you’ll know that they can’t help but just have a look at it and see what it’s about. 

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It goes without saying that visuals interest people more than long texts. The human brain processes visual content 60000 times faster than texts. Why not use this great privilege of MMS for getting an edge over your competitors? 

Let’s have a look at a couple of ways that prove the effectiveness of MMS messaging and accelerate the time-to-win in sales: 

  • A Means of Relationship Building: MMS can actually be a great medium of building relationship with your customers. When it comes to sales, the first impression you make matters the most. Help your customer put a face to your name by sending a business-relevant image to them. This will build trust, increase your brand awareness, help you make a good first-time impression and eventually, lead to boosted sales and new customers. 

  • Visual Appeal: As already mentioned, visual media of marketing are more appealing to people than texts. Especially such industries as food and tourism will highly benefit from visuals. People trust a real image of a product more than just a simple text.

Tips for Effective MMS Messaging Campaigns

Now that you learnt about MMS and how it can help grow your business, it’s high time to help you create and manage effective MMS messaging campaigns in order to receive tangible results.

There are quite a few goals that SMS marketing will help you meet on your way to building a loyal customer base and attracting new people to your business. We have singled out some of the main and most effective MMS messaging campaign template examples: 

  • Introduce New Products/Services: When you have a new product or service offer for your customers, the best way to reach results and understand if people are actually interested in them is by showing the item to them. Simply, send them a picture of your new product and let them know about its advantages and innovative features. 

  • Coupons: People take their phones everywhere with them, not to speak of the huge number of times they check them during the day. This is a good chance to send your customers scannable coupons and make it easy for them to redeem offers. Besides, this way you’ll reduce the risk of a coupon being used many times. You can also let your VIP customers know about special sales events via MMS messages. 

  • Tickets: MMS can be a great way of sending event tickets to your customers. It’s very easy, convenient and quick not only for you, but also for the customers. They won’t need internet to show the ticket, neither to download it. Just send it to them in a quick MMS message and let them have your special event ticket at hand. 

  • Discounts: Let your customers know about discounts via sending them a relevant image through MMS messaging. People will surely stop for a moment to have a look at the details of your offer. If you’re engaged in food or restaurant business, take the chance to send people eye-catching and delicious photos of your special dishes (of course, do it with the right timing and targeting). Always personalize your messages as much as possible so as to show your customers that you actually care and want to learn more about their likes and preferences. 

  • Videos: MMS allows much more than you could think of. Send short and engaging videos to your customers about possible bonuses, sales and special events. E.g., if you are an owner of a cinema, you can send your regular customers a teaser-trailer of a much-awaited movie. 

  • Contests: When organizing contests, you’ll surely have more people participate in them if you include a nice image of the prize the winner(s) will get. 

  • GIFs: Make your brand memorable, interact with your customers and create a positive mood by sending them relevant GIFs about upcoming events, festivals, or simply about a new product.

    Besides the above-mentioned usages of MMS messaging, you can also think of ways that’ll help you retain customers and icnrease customer loyalty. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Documentation: If there is a need for an exchange of documents between you and your customers, what else could be a more convenient way to do it, if not MMS? The latter will increase the response time and reduce costs. It will also increase customer satisfaction because it’s always how things work for people of the modern era - the faster and the easier, the better! 

  • Operations: Let your customers contact you via MMS when they want to show you a defective product. This way you’ll increase their trust for you and help them fix the issue faster. 

  • Audio Files: If a customer needs to install a product but is having difficulties with it, you can send a quick audio with the instructions on how to do the installation correctly. Such a trick will save both your and your customer’s time and energy!

MMS is a great way of boosting your sales, increasing your brand reputation and enlarging your customer base. Simply follow the above tips, personalize your messages with the help of the data from your CRM and increase the impact of such a simple and easy-to-use tool. 

MMS messaging will take your business to the next level and add up your revenue within a short time frame. Use your chance and make the most out of it!