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Can You Mass Text a Video Without Sacrificing Quality?

Aug 22, 2022

Video has become one of the best ways to share loads of information in under a minute. You’re probably already used to sharing vacation videos, funny memes or viral Instagram reels with your friends over text. But what about sending videos via mass text? And, if it’s possible, how long of a video can you text?

First, the good news: Using a mass text messaging service, you can send videos with MMS (multimedia messaging services). It’s the same technology that allows you to send photos and PDFs. And you should send videos—the average person watches around 100 minutes of online video content daily.

Now, the not-so-good news: You can’t send any video you want. There are some limits in place that dictate what you can and can’t text. And the question isn’t necessarily about how long a video is; it’s about how big the file is.

In this short guide, we’ll be exploring those limits. We’ll also look at how to send a video through text to multiple recipients.

What You Need to Know About Texting a Video: Tech Specs

Regardless of the device you use to text your videos, there are a few details you need to know.

Video Size Restrictions

Although smartphones theoretically have a size limit for sending videos, your biggest concern should be around carriers. Each mobile carrier sets its own size limits for multimedia messages. Because these restrictions are typically stricter than those set by smartphone developers, these are the size restrictions you’ll need to worry about.

For example, Verizon limits outbound videos to 3.5 MB per file. T-Mobile allows you to receive videos up to 3 MB, but you can only send files smaller than 1 MB. Be sure to check with your carrier to learn about potential restrictions around video size for text message.

For iPhone

If you’re sending videos from iPhone to iPhone (hello, blue texts), you’re not delivering your media through a wireless carrier. Instead, you’re using WiFi or cellular data to send your message over the Internet. In an iOS to iOS scenario, many of the limitations around size and length don’t matter.

For Android

Android devices also have a group messaging function that sidesteps size issues, though you may need to enable it by opening the Messages app and going to Settings > Advanced > Group messaging. You can now send MMS messages to multiple people. Like iMessage, these group messages also use data or WiFi, giving you more wiggle room around file size.

Alternatively, you can use a VoIP messaging platform to send large videos and other files. For example, WhatsApp’s maximum file size for videos is 16 MB.

Video Quality

Another consideration is video quality. Androids and iPhones alike will compress large videos to make them easier to send and receive. While Apple and Google haven’t released guidelines around how and when they compress videos sent via text, it’s clear that they do. Or rather, it’s blurry that they do.

Because videos sent over text need to be smaller, your device will use compression to reduce the size of the file. The result? The occasional blurry, low-quality video (especially with larger files).

When you text a video from an Android to an Android (or an iPhone to an iPhone), you should only experience minimal compression with longer videos. However, according to Macworld, this compression issue is compounded when texting between an iPhone and an Android device (or vice versa). Why? Because Apple controls the compression on both ends.

How to Mass Text a Video Using a Messaging Platform

Although you can use a single device to send a video to a handful of people, you won’t be able to reach thousands with a smartphone or two. What’s more, you may run into issues like the ones mentioned above.

To start sending inspiring MMS marketing videos to a massive audience, you’ll need to sign up for a mass text messaging service like Textedly.

Once you have an account, you’ll go to compose a new message, then click “Add a Photo to Your Message.” This option allows you to include a photo, video or PDF file in your message.

With Textedly, videos are sent in .MP4 format, and they must be under 5 MB. Keep in mind that if a recipient’s carrier has inbound video size restrictions, they may not receive your file.

Alternatives to Sending a Video Via Text

So, although it’s possible to text a video to your audience, it may not always be the best option. Here are a few alternatives to sending videos over MMS.

Sending a Link to a Video-Sharing Site

Instead of sending the video itself, you can text a URL that guides users directly to your online content.

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube make it easy for you to send a video without actually sending the video. By clicking the “share” icon, you’ll generate a unique link to your video. You can then text that link to your entire marketing list—without worrying about size limitations or loss of quality.

So, if you have a piece of long-form video content that you want to share with your audience, your best bet may be to upload it to YouTube first. There are no upload or storage fees, and you can even unlist your video to ensure that only people with the video link can view it.

Other video-sharing platforms that offer the same capabilities include:

  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Dailymotion

Sending Images or GIFs

While video may be the preferred medium for most consumers, photos come in as a close second. Images and GIFs still satisfy that craving for visual content, but at a fraction of the size.

It’s worth noting that photos also fall under the size limitations mentioned above. However, because image files are much smaller than videos, you’re much less likely to have an issue with sizing.

Best Practices for Sending Videos Over Text

If you’ve decided that video is the best way to convey your message via text, it’s essential to go about it the right way. Along with some general MMS campaign best practices, there are a few other tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Compress your videos – Instead of letting a smartphone or carrier do the compressing for you, you can compress your videos ahead of time. This way, you remain in control of the quality and final appearance. On the consumer side, smaller videos download quicker and use less data.
  • The smaller, the better – Try to keep your videos short and to the point. Not only will you avoid going over any size restrictions, but you’ll also avoid losing your audience’s attention.
  • Keep it professional – All video content should be eye-catching and professionally filmed. If you want consumers to think you have a quality product, you must start with quality content.

Text Your Videos to the Masses with Textedly

Overall, video texting is a phenomenal way to provide new and exciting content to your audience. But you have to use the right tools to text your videos. Otherwise, you’ll end up with unsent messages and blurry ad sets.

When you use Textedly to incorporate VoIP texting into your marketing campaigns, you can send engaging videos to a massive audience—without worrying about outgoing carrier limitations. For even greater convenience, you can send texts with links to your video content.

Start your Textedly trial today to harness the power of mass video marketing.

Start Texting Your Customers for Free With Textedly


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