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01. 27. 2019

There are many different marketing channels that restaurant businesses are using to reach their customers. However, there’s no platform that guarantees that the person will see or react to your promotion except the SMS marketing channel. You can use social media, but your potential customers won’t see your posts unless they’re already following you. You can also use email marketing, however, there’s a huge risk that your email will end up in spam or junk. You can also use flyers, advertise on billboards, or on your own website. You can do all of this along with placing advertisements on TV and radios. Yet, in order to see or find your advertisements, potential customers will have to actually do something. Thereby, none of your marketing efforts will be as effective as SMS marketing. Not mentioning that text marketing is the cheapest platform out of all.

Eric Miller
SMS Marketing Tips
12. 23. 2018

5 Ways to Optimize Your SMS Campaign Strategy

SMS marketing is a powerful tool. Currently, SMS services are on top of all other marketing channels. In fact, the number of phone users has tripled over the past decade and reached 5 billion in 2018. This number simply leaves anyone speechless. More than the half of human population owns a phone, so isn’t this fact enough to start implementing SMS marketing into your other marketing channels? It surely is.

Eric Miller
SMS Marketing Tips
12. 4. 2018

11 Winning Tactics for SMS Marketing

Text messaging is revolutionizing the traditional marketing world. The response rate to text marketing messages has been huge during 2017 and 2018. Text message marketing has become a pretty powerful and effective marketing channel.

Alessia Scott
Mobile Marketing
10. 25. 2018

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The most relevant marketing strategy of the 21st century is mobile marketing. Given how much time people spend on their phones, mobile marketing is the most reliable communication method that ensures that your message will get to your target audience.

Jessie Chantel
SMS Marketing for Business
10. 17. 2018

Industries That Use Mass Text Messaging

Mass text messaging is gaining a momentum as more people learn about the benefits it offers and find out how they can use it for their industry. SMS service is applicable for many different industries and can offer a substantial increase in sales. For any business, the number one priority should be providing satisfaction to the customers. Using texting services will create a connection with your customers on a completely different level, and thereby, contribute to the retention of your current customers, as well as to the lead generation for the business.

Jessie Chantel
SMS for B2B
09. 26. 2018

Text Messaging for Medical Clinics & Hospitals [Infographic]

 The Healthcare Industry plays an important role in society , immediate communication is essential between the provider and the patient, what better way to communicate with your patients than through Text Messaging

Text  Message  Marketing can benefit any business especially Healthcare providers like Doctors,Hospitals, Dentists, Massage Therapists  just to name a few. It is often somehow difficult and time consuming trying to communicate with every patient regarding appointments, clinic opening and closing hours, news alerts all at the one time.  Texting service will help save your staff time and your clinic money getting the message directly into the hands of your patients in real time.  Text Messaging can be used in different ways .

Jessie Chantel
09. 17. 2018

SMS vs Social Media. Which one wins? [Infographic]

For many businesses, both SMS marketing and social media form a significant part of marketing campaigns. They both pose numerous advantages and can be tweaked to optimize almost any advertising and customer outreach campaign. Which is better?

Jessie Chantel