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How Can SMS Marketing Grow Online Presence of a Business?

May 20, 2019

SMS marketing resembles a hidden gem that’s slowly yet steadily coming out of its shell. It has already managed to become popular among a huge number of businesses and is now known as one of the most fruitful marketing strategies.

Sending text messages to your customers is a great way of getting the name of your brand known and increasing your sales within a short amount of time.

SMS marketing allows you to reach a wider audience as pretty much every person in the world owns a cell phone and checks it multiple times during the day. Besides, it’s a more personal type of contact with your clients and if they have trusted you their phone number and subscribed to your notifications, it means that they actually care about your services.


What is the Power of SMS Marketing?

The many benefits of SMS marketing make it the best choice for businesses. Being the latest trend among marketing strategies, bulk text messaging comes with not only highly effective results for any business but it’s also really affordable which is especially good for companies on a tight budget.

Let’s have a quick look at the main benefits of SMS marketing:

  • Text messaging campaigns have the highest open rate - nearly 98% of the time your customers will open your messages.

  • As already mentioned, SMS marketing is highly cost-effective, so even if you are planning to send messages to a huge number of people, it will still be affordable.

  • Mobile-friendliness is one of the main advantages of SMS marketing. Most people, especially millennials are using their phones for doing pretty much everything - orders, shopping, browsing, etc. This means that becoming mobile-friendly will surely increase the number of customers interested in your services.

  • In our era, things are all about speed, convenience and easiness. Text messages reach your customers instantly, moreover, the overall process of sending texts is utterly simple. There is no need for complex templates, designs, printing and so on.

  • Another good thing about SMS marketing is the fact that the processes of opting in and opting out are very easy. You won’t be annoying your customers in any way.

Text messaging offers a variety of ways for boosting your business and getting higher customer engagement. Here are a few SMS marketing template examples to help you understand the way this marketing tool works:

Discounts: Send texts to your customers about the upcoming discounts that you will have on your products or services. Also, notify them about special discounts - like a discount for a loyal customer or a new subscriber.

Alerts: Let your customers know about the end date of a sale day via alerts. Create an aura of urgency, e.g.: “Hurry up to get product name for half the price until date.”

Offers and Reminders: Send text messages about all your special offers or promotions. Reminders will help you contact your customers and keep them updated on the event dates they might have forgotten.

As it becomes obvious from the above-noted points, SMS marketing is a great strategy for boosting your business and increasing your sales. If applied wisely, you will not only build brand recognition but will also gain the trust of your target audience.


How to Promote Your Website with SMS Marketing?

It goes without saying that having an online presence is of crucial importance for any business. We can even dare to say that without a website or social media accounts, your business will be pretty much unknown in our times.

It’s time to see how SMS marketing can help you grow your online presence and make your website better known by bringing more traffic.

As everything else with bulk text messaging, this case is also very simple - all you need to do is include a link in your text messages that will lead your customer to your website. Here are a few tips on how to do this effectively:

  1. Texts are limited to 160 characters so make sure to insert short links. The ideal option would be creating a custom short link that includes your brand name.

  2. Make sure that the URLs have the option of destination redirecting. E.g., if the offer to which your link takes the customer has expired, you can change it by redirecting that link to the new offer.

Linking to your website through text messaging is one of the best ways for optimizing your SMS marketing campaigns. Below we have made a list of 3 options that can bring traffic to your website if you link to them in your text messages:

  • Products: Promote your products via text messages and include a link that will direct your customers to your product page. You can talk about a specific product in the text message to get the client interested to look for more on the list of all products on the corresponding page. Make use of SMS geofencing to give your customers more specific information on the available promotions based on their location.

  • Price List: If customers like your products, what is the next thing that will interest them? - That’s right - the prices! Keep your customers updated on the prices of your services or products and attach a corresponding link to help them learn more. Send texts about all kinds of discounts, available sales, special offers, etc. People are always happy to buy their favorite products at a cheaper price.
  • Free Trials: If you are offering a product which comes with an initial free trial, you can promote it via text messaging. Include a link to your free trial page and encourage people to try your product for free. This will be another great way of increasing the traffic to your website.

The demand for SMS marketing is growing rapidly and though it might seem that the competition is also high, you should still take the chance and give it a go. Bulk text messaging might be the key to your business’ success and you don’t want to miss a chance of implementing a marketing strategy which is so easy-to-use, highly customizable, effective and affordable.

Make the most of SMS marketing campaigns to grow your business and gain more loyal customers!